questionsare you flexible?


Flexible in the sense of bending over backwards and touching my toes or in the sense of being able to adjust to certain situations and roll with the punches? Either way, it's pretty much a no to both.


I'm about as flexible as a 2x4. But that's a good compared to my wife (as flexible as a 2x6). :)


I'm 20 and surprisingly flexible as a male. As an ice hockey goalie, I have to be able to make my knees go one way while my body goes another, twist my hips in ridiculously unnatural ways, and do a split on a moments notice. I can do all that, but touching the floor past my toes still gets me. I'm flexible in some places but not others I guess.


I can still touch my toes but my wrists aren't flexible as they used to be, so handstands, cartwheels, pushups without Perfect Pushup are gone.
I do slow motion Karate (Tai Chi), I think it helps me stay more flexy.


Let's just say that when I was trying to start up jogging a few months back, I wore myself out even before I ran (pre-run stretching).

I am an underweight, but non physically fit, 21 years old.


I'm 28, overweight and can still touch my toes, kick to my height and scratch in between my shoulder blades... all pretty easily. But my joints make popping noises when I get up too quickly. Odd how we all age differently.
I was active in multiple sports and 3 different martial arts until a few years ago - I think that kept the flexibility... and caused the joint issues. Now though, I just hit the gym for a weights circuit m-f.


at 36......hell no! i am, however, really good at bending over backwards for my child...does that count?? LOL


There's only one way to find out for sure, but you'll have to buy me dinner first.


@wingnutzero: Can we go dutch instead? At different restaurants? Or maybe the same one. I'm flexible to a degree.


I can still touch the floor with the palm of my hands - but crouching and getting up, well, that is another story. Doc told me to stop bending from the waist because it is terrible for the back, but for now, that is all I can do. I am 74.


@klozitshoper: Absolutely amazing! You don't look 74. Good job!


@gmwhit: i was thinking the same thing lol! never would've guessed ;9)


I'm 47, 6' tall and about 270 lbs (ie. obese by any standard, though using BMI, I'd be overweight at 185 lbs.)

I haven't been able to exercise much this summer and prety much not at all for the past month. I just tried to touch my toes and got to within about nine inches. After some stretches, I was down to about three inches, though this is actually more depressing than the initial nine inches.

So, I'm going out for a bike ride as soon as I post a question requesting suggestions for a stationary bike. (My old one died in the spring.)


Does it count that I can still bend at the waist and put my palms flat on the ground? That being said, I am less flexible than I was 10 years ago.


Ok, I'm happier now. I did more stretching after a short (10 mile) ride and now I can almost touch my toes again, plus I feel great after the ride.


I'm 22 180 pounds work out more then 3 hours a day and also pretty flexible.. here is ways to become more Flexible, also you should probably start taking Aerobics classes at your local Gym. It may sound weird but there is a lot to look at in the classes if you know what i mean =]! while getting Flexible =P

Enjoy Every one

Ways to become Flexible