questionshow and where to choose a bridemaid dresses?


I prefer the blindfold, turn, and point method


I'd say it depends on your budget and whether you are going for matching dresses/styles/colors. Also the re-wear factor comes in to play. I got mine for my wedding at David's Bridal and they were great. Not too expensive, and all matched the color accent perfectly that ran through my dress which I also bought there. I had my bridesmaids pick out their own styles of dresses but they had to stay with the same color and fabric.

For nicer dresses that maybe have a better chance to be worn again (but probably pricier) a bridal boutique is the place to go. I was just in a wedding where we could have anything that was long and black as long as the bride gave final approval. All our dresses were totally different but we looked great. I got a dress by JLM Couture both because it was gorgeous and made in America. Here is a link to look at some of their dresses. They have them in many bridal shops.


I had two bridesmaids (I called them both "maid of honor") at my wedding. Like @mkdr, I had a good experience using David's Bridal (10 years ago). I chose them specifically because I was in the middle of FlyOver Land with one woman within walking distance of the Pacific Ocean and the other on the East Coast. I checked and they were each within an hour's drive of a David's Bridal, so it was convenient for them to try on dresses to select the correct size in the style I'd picked. Plus, I was actually getting married in a fourth state, also within an hour of a David's Bridal, so I was able to buy the two dresses when I was visiting my hometown so no one had to drag dresses on an airplane!