questionsdumb question i think...but are tablets also…


Most tablets are not phones. Do not make regular voice calls.

You can use Skype and other apps with great success though.

If you move to a tablet, get a regular non-smart phone and save some money that way.


So even though the cell phone companys have these listed on their sites, they are not phones, and they do not require a dedicated cell phone line, right? They are just like laptops but more compact and portable?


@cindihoward: They require a data plan for the 3/4G functions. You can buy a tablet from any store and have the same capabilities but you would only be able to do things over the internet with a WiFi connection.

Yes they are like small laptops.


I just bought a Toshiba Thrive. It's not a smartphone or a computer, it's sort of in between. If you have never used a smartphone or apps before there is a definite learning curve. Someone compared an iPad to checkers and the Androids to chess as far as the learning curve and I would agree with that.


Regularly Tablets are different than phones, many functions of tablets and phones are same. But you cant make a regular call from tablet, you need to use software like skype etc. Now there are many companies which are producing Tablets and Smartphones. So do inquiry about tablets and smartphones and then choose the best product which is suitable to you.