questionshow does the leaderboard handle my points from…


they delete the credit I believe


I'm shooting for an implied credit of sorts. If they have to delete enough, I'll gain enough credit to be banned.


You actually still care about your reputation score?

I'd knock you down to a green triangle just for that.


No idea. I haven't looked on the leaderboard in months.

(I haven't posted any questions or deals in months either ...)


@caffeine_dude: You've done all of this? I thought you had left us like so many others have done. Well, maybe you will get lucky and this question will last.

edit: It's frustrating, isn't it.


who mods these things nowadays? volunteers or woot employees?


I really don't care about the leaderboard. But I do care about this community. My questions and comments have been deleted so much, lately, that I'm surprised when they are not.

I bet when this new, unnamed site opens, THEY will not be deleting comments about Woot.


@thepenrod: Are you still here? lol

You will be silenced. You will be controlled.


@capguncowboy: I should get somebody's e-mail so that if I am banned, I can let you all know if the experiment worked. Hopefully at the very least you'll notice I'm gone by the lack of questions posted by me.


@thepenrod: capguncowboy at g-m-a-i-l

Feel free to let me know if your experiment worked and I'll relay that information.


Meanwhile, poop jokes never get old, right?


@jamesbottomtooth: Monkey child labor? Child monkey labor?


@durkzilla: @barnabee: @capguncowboy: @thepenrod:
Not sure if I am repeating my self with so much content deleted.
I do not visit as much as before, what fun is it to spend 5 minutes posting anything if, when you come back 30 minutes later to reply to the replies the content is gone. So even questions to answer are kind of iffy to answer who knows if they will be zapped.
The meta message of my question was stop deleting my stuff! er, please stop deleting my stuff. I care far less about points then seeing my content deleted.

Did anyone miss this? sounds like a hint of better things.

emails are not needed:


Not that it matters much but I forgot to add, voting. To lost content. Why vote if everything is deleted.


@caffeine_dude: Regarding your first link - I thought so too, except that isn't actually the case as evidenced by the recent string of deletions that led me to my current position. The problem is that it's the same old same old that we've dealt with for a long time with promises of something better coming. I made a comment somewhere that was probably in a deleted thread that they are in the big leagues now and more is expected from them.

I completely agree that it stinks to invest time and thought and have those things erased (and it's even worse when you don't know the reasons behind the decisions and can't know what will end up getting erased), which is really probably what has driven my most recent frustration.