questionsdo you mind if i take a sabbatical?


Good luck with your venture hope everything works out for you.


I'm having flashbacks now. :P
Good luck, the 'net is not all it's cracked up to be compared to real life, you may be surprised how much you enjoy any time away.


Family first, always. Employment is right up there as well. Best of luck to you.


Oh, my! Someone should have had that talk with me. Unfortunately, I was the one who did the talking to people, so I managed to get away with my own internet addiction for years. Now that I am retired, it's only gotten worse. I have been thinking seriously about doing the same thing, but I hadn't thought of it as a sabbatical. That's a wonderful word for it! Less scary than anything else I had come up with.

I am sorry to hear it has affected your work, but if your employer has merely had a "pointed conversation" with you, it sounds as if they want to keep you there. Take advantage of this opportunity! We will miss you, and you will be an inspiration to some of us who REALLY need to cut back on our internet time.

I need to cut back or I will never get my bonus room and home office de-crapped, will never get my house clean, and will never get to working on any of the fun projects I promised myself I could do after I retired and get things under control. Thanks for inspiring me!


They are going to fire me if I don't stay off of the internet at work. I get sucked in so easily.

Good we have to shun you now?


@lumpthar Sorry to see you go; you'll be missed! Do admire you for reassessing your priorities. Hope you drop in & say hello after you get this monkey off your back. (Obscure pun intended.) ;-)


Gonna miss you round these parts, but I understand fully the desire to reset your brain. Hope you find a point where you can drop in to chat a few times a week, surf for a bit, and then power the Demon Box down and walk away from it.

Take good care of yourself!


Good luck. Addiction of any kind is no joke, and I hope you're able to work through it.


Sounds like you are doing the right thing. If your employer is telling you to knock it off, you are probably well into deep kimchee. Be happy, at least they are giving you the opportunity to get straight. Make the most of it. Most employers would have just given you your wages and shown you the door.


Seriously, though...don't lose your job over us. We love having you here and hope you'll find time to check in now and then. We'll miss you!


Aren't you getting an email every time one of us posts, thus still being attached? If you post, you're an enabler. Wait, I just... damnit. Sorry.


Well wishes are given. Take care of what you need to. Looking forward to hearing a good story when you come back :)


Can you ask to have things blocked for you?
It might help you quit.

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Sending good wishes your way. Don't worry, folks will be here when you hopefully come by on that rare occasion to say hello!