questionshow was dark of the moon? (no spoilers please)


AWESOME! Go see it in 3D. It's worth it. Really clean 3D, not all blurry. (unlike Captain America trailer)

The movie is good, a bit long, but very good. Alot of parts could be cut that are unnecessary.
This is a totally different Transformers from the first 2. It has it's moments, mostly in the first half, that are familer in the series, but it takes a turn to a darker side midway through. Alot of deaths on all 3 sides of the war.
Great action, sounds, and visuals. Great way to end the series.

Oh, and if you complaining Megan Fox isn't in it, wait until the first scene with Rosie, you will be saying Megan who?

I plan on seeing it again next week in IMAX 3D.


Spoiler alert: Darth Vader is Bumblebee's father.


Spoiler Alert: @drunkcajun: I really liked it when it turned out that Optimus Prime was dead the whole time and only Shia LaBeouf could talk to him. Creeeeeeepy.


@fosterscool: you took my spoiler comment! :-(

Megan Fox was dead the whole time.