questionsrunners of woot, what type of shoes do you wear…


I love my Skechers go runs. I suffered terribly from shin splints for years and years and could never find a shoe that worked properly. I generally get them at or at Amazon. Whichever is cheaper.


I'm a Vibrams geek. No more pain any where once I swapped over several years ago. They corrected my running form almost immediately, something which I could never accomplish when running in conventional running shoes.
Sure, I look like an odd duck, but I'm a comfortable, faster, pain-free duck!
I managed to snag my last three pairs from Woot.


Shoes? That would make it harder to use your toes to hold onto the rungs on the wheel as you make it spin for TPTB....


@lavikinga: haha i dont think i can make that crossover. my wife would never look at me the same. i bought a pair of asics and a pair of mizunos from dicks ( mizunos were over half price so i couldn't turn them down!)


@drsilentg: There are similar running shoes out there which have the barefoot toe design hidden under cover and don't look like "monster feet." Maybe the next time you'll take a chance to run on the wild side.