questionswhat are some good tower-defense games for…


Hate to see a question go unanswered.

You have two of the best ones listed that I've personally played. I presume you mean you like being able to set towers where ever you wish in order to force mobs to travel along the path you create (more like Fieldrunners or Robo Defense, I prefer Fieldrunners).

Unfortunately, I don't know of too many like that, so I searched on Google and found you a recent list of other apps you might be interested in.

I'd check youtube for gameplay videos of ones on that list if I were you.

Good luck!


I just saw this response. I am an old fogey, a veteran tabletop and role-playing gamer but not well educated in electronic games. I dislike most games that my friends play, and was surprised how much I liked PvZ. Fieldrunners has been a second pleasant surprise, and I am thinking there's a pattern worth following up on. Thanks for the lead!


I got addicted to Robo-Defense, a friend of mine gave me his apk, I installed it, soon I shelled out the 2.99 for it, they update it from time to time to add more achievments and specials, they may have a free version too, but I know it kills alot of my idle time