questionsare you excited about "the binge"?


The Full E-mail:
Dear Bogie21,

Congratulations on your impeccable taste. We liked that The Binge shirt you bought so much, we're bringing it back as a hoodie in the 2011 Shirt.Woot Holiday Gift Guide. Wear it over the t-shirt for multi-layered awesomeness!

But that's not all. We're offering a variety of hoodies, long-sleeve tees, aprons, tote bags, and greeting cards, emblazoned with a variety of favorite designs, past and present. Plus we're reviving some classic favorites in regular old t-shirt form, for the traditionalists.

But hurry: the Holiday Gift Guide will only be open through December 9. And just to entice you a little deeper into our web of merriment, Shirt.Woot will upgrade your order to faster shipping, free of charge.

Please accept it as our holiday gift to you! As long as you buy some stuff first!


P.S. If none of the Gift Guide designs are roasting your chestnuts, we've always got a couple of dozen more shirts on our Reckoning page.


It looks like lots of people received an email -

Our accounts were scanned and if we purchased one of the designs on the Holiday Sale, we were sent an email about that specific shirt. If we didn't purchase any of the designs, we were sent a general announcement stating that shirt.woot was upgrading the shipping, free of charge, on the Holiday Sale items.


Yeah, I got emails saying I bought shirts that I definitely didn't buy. I'm thinking that buying random shirts may have messed up Woot's order info.


I have The Binge t-shirt and tote. So far I have not bought the hoodie, (still thinking about it) but did get the Wootie Zip-Up Hoodie.


people generally seem to like "the binge" when they look at the shirt. They seem to love death by breakfast too (can't remember the name it is the bacon and eggs one).


I enjoyed it enough to buy t-shirt #50,000, but not enough to have to buy the hoodies. Granted, I did wear a sweatshirt (Animaniacs, circa 1995) this morning, as it was in the 30's when I left for work.