questionswhat's the best yet affordable wireless bluetooth…


There is no bluetooth anything, anywhere, for any price on the market that is a better value than the piece of wire it replaces.


For on the go or home use? The Motorola EQ5 sounds pretty good for something pocket sized model and costs around $25. Bed Bath and beyond has an iHome brand desk sized model on sale this week. And the Logitech Z515 is pretty awesome around $89 at the local walmart.

But still, if you can avoid BT then I would, it kills your battery life and with some older devices the sound quality ends up being terrible. Newer equipment has plenty of bandwidth to push good sound but it is still subject to some wicked interference


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@vinithehat: yes, having the wire to connect the device is really troublesome. I would be really awesome if I could be a distance away from the speaker and still control my music - which is why i think wireless speakers are the way to go ;)

@thefenst: the creative d100 wireless speaker looks good. I used to have an old creative pc speakers and i might just upgrade to the d100. It also seems pretty cheap! Are there any more wireless speakers from creative? Their website seems slow to load!

@jro2020: thanks for the options! I have heard iHome speakers and they are all right at best. The logitech and motorola ones look good but seems too small to produce loud sound with decent bass (i might be wrong!)


-Creative D100 Bluetooth Speaker-
If you are looking for a good Bluetooth speaker for your device I’ve got a good one for you. The Creative D100 is amazing. I use it with my IPhone 4s and couldn’t be happier. When I ordered this speaker I was reluctant because it is the only Bluetooth speaker I saw that looked good and was reviewed well while being cheap. I read a lot of outstanding reviews and eventually did order it. Not only am I pleased but I love it! It has great quality. My biggest concern was how loud it could go and trust me, it goes loud enough. It more than fills my 15x15 bedroom not even on full volume. It has great range. I would say it doesn’t star to break up until you are around 45 feet away. Overall great speaker. It is less expensive than any other good Bluetooth speaker you’ll find. I highly recommend it. Here is a link to where I ordered it from.


Well everyone will give you some recommendation about various Bluetooth speakers present in the market. I understand it becomes tough for you to decide one among them. But as you have mentioned you are not looking for very expensive option and want one that produce good sound quality, then you must see the product of [link woot edited out ] . Hope your expectation will fulfill here because all Bluetooth speakers comes at affordable cost i.e. around $23.99 to $34.99 with that extra loaded features like Auto fm functionality.


LuguLake wireless bluetooth speakers, each one have different highlight point.