questionshow does one become a mod here?


1. Start here:
2. Keep an eye out for the desired position (moderator), which should be a Seattle WA position. You'll be answering to @gatzby.
3. ???
4. Profit.


i think the forums have volunteer mods. but deals.woot ATC is modded by employees.

so, go apply for a woot! job.


With great power, comes great responsibility


with great power comes great resistance times current squared.


Luck? I showed up looking for a managerial job in the shirts department. They were all out so they handed me this instead. That was a good day.


@conanthelibrarian: Yes, there is a great responsibility of the mods to keep the place clean, maintain peace, and to continually find animated .gifs to properly derail any thread. ^_^


Have you see the people on the 10 Most Wanted poster in the post office? They are future mods.


Dude, who wants to be a moderator on a messageboard? It's thankless and leaves you exposed to retaliation by some dork living in his mom's basement when you ban him or delete a post. People take it personally, throw out "that's my first amendment right" (it's not, it's a private site) or will call you the "admin nazi" among other things. Then they will re-register just to troll you, not fun

I owned a comicbook website for about 3 years back in the early 2000's that was only basically a phpBB forum. I ended up selling it because it was a 24 hour job trying to constantly monitor it and the amount of money I made off it barely paid for my hosting fees. I had to have a dedicated server due to the traffic I was getting so it got expensive.

It's probably easier to mod on here, but still... it sucks


@carl669: Therefore, responsibility = resistance^2
Conversely, sqrt(responsibility) = resistance


@narfcake: Really? Mods report to @Gatzby? Hmmm Guess I'm confused...on many counts.

I thought mods monitored deals. And deleted them. As happened in error at least 4 times yesterday. @jumbowoot got involved, so I thought (apparently in error) he was in charge of that function.

Wrong about what mods DO? Possibly. Who they report to? Likely.

Then who does monitor deals & makes sure all our posted deals are perfect? And, if that is Gatzby, then I'm sorry that @Jumbowoot took the flak for errors done by those not under his supervision.


@ryanwb: There are probably more basement dwellers on your BB site than on woot. .-)


Ew, why would you want to? I salute the mods here, that's a thankless job if I've ever seen one, and not one I'd want to have.

@mods: You rock!


that's an excellent question.


@carl669: The regular forums are mostly moderated by woot employees (such as @thunderthighs), although there are a few volunteer mods as well (such as @goldenthorn over on shirt.woot).

@gmwhit: @gatzby is the supervisor of all the moderators. As much as we love DW, most of the daily activity on woot is over on the "main" sites; over there, the mods are responsible for communicating between customers and the buyers when necessary, curtailing incivility among wooters, releasing the hound :p if warnings don't work, doling out QPs, keeping threads moderately on topic, posting appropriate animated .gifs (as @narfcake mentioned), etc. On the "main" forums, the mods' presence is more overt than it is over here.


@mkentosh: Sorry for derailing your question. :-(

@neuropsychosocial: Thanks so much for explaining. As might be expected, I'm more interested in the mods here on deals. (I don't often venture to the main woot forums.) If I understand you correctly, @gatzby is also the supervisor of the mods on deals...whomever they might be.

And, again, I am sorry that @jumbowoot caught the grief for yesterday's deleted deals. I thought HE was the supervisor of the mods who deleted some deals....twice. I apologize to him.


@carl669: ok, i'll sound like a complete idiot here, but what's the difference between these discussions and forums? where are the forums?


@sgtgreeneusmc: there are forums over on the main sites as well (woot,shirt, tech, wine etc). if you go over there and click Community, you'll see them.


It's just a jump to the left
THEN it's a step to the right!


Just carefully study what I do...and then do the completely opposite! I've been applying/trying to convince Wooty to give me a job for a long time, but I think I'm failing miserably.


Put your hands on your hips
Then move yor knees in ti-i-i-i-ight. :)


@loosecannon67: They were out of shirts so they gave you a mod job?


I don't know. I tried. sniffle They didn't want the Vermont Cheddar from me.

Seriously, I've heard @thunderthighs talk about getting the job. She was really active and helpful in the community, so they asked to be a vol-mod, then offered her the job sometime later. I don't know about the others.

I would love to know what it would take.


@ryanwb: I would love to be a mod on a few message boards, but would specifically enjoy it at woot. Once you've worked direct customer service in person, via phone, and email/web support - there isn't much an angry/frustrated user comment can do to ruffle you. People don't see mods/service as people first - they see them as an obstacle most of the time. If you remember that, then you know not to take it personally. That said, the community here is active, but mostly respectful. They let you know when they think you messed up and sing your praises when you've done something great. I think it would be a well rounded, fulfilling place to work.

Also, you might get access to @thunderthighs ' never ending gif collection.


Ok, here goes....

Deals Moderators: These are the Deals staff people that tend to the deals on the other side of Deals.Woot. In addition to hunting up great deals, they fix and tend to your deals (e.g. tags, fixing titles, prices). They also take care of the tattles. They report to @jumbowoot

Community Moderators: We interact and take care of the customers in the forums on the retail sites and Deals.Woot. We have a few volunteer moderators for the retail side. All community moderating on Deals.Woot is done by staff. We report to @Gatzby.

I am a community moderator but do babysit Deals.Woot some overnight. I've been involved with Deals since it started and stay in close touch with @jumbowoot on any actions I take on deals themselves.

As to becoming a moderator. @narfcake was pretty much spot on - watch the jobs listings.

Lastly, nobody - I repeat, NOBODY - gets my stash of gifs.


TThighs nailed it. I've been pushing for using a different term for community folks just to alleviate the confusion. Personally, I like "guides."

We do help where we can, but deals are not are primary responsibility, as TThighs covers.

The quickest way to become a mod is to get hired... the other ways? Secret.

Edit: I should point out that there are highpoints to it: giving back to a community you enjoy, seeing people take on the role of community leaders, helping users with their problems, and yeah, knowing you eliminated a lot of junk before other people could suffer its wrath.