questionsshall we wish a happy birthday to our number 1…


Damn kids and their birthdays! Why, when I was a child, we didn't HAVE birthdays. Once a year some complete stranger would walk up to me and smack me in the head. My parents would nod approvingly and tell me that birthdays were for the weak, and I better get my mind straight like my cousin Luke, who seemed to have some kind of failure to communicate. Now, at ** years of age, I have a head full of lumps and a short memory and attention span. Also, I have a short memory and attention span.

Happy Birthday @thumperchick!


What a coincidence! Today is my birthday too!! Happy Birthday to us!


@studerc: happy birthday to you, as well! Also 29?


@okham: Not quite, more around the 23 marker. I know, I know, damn whipper snappers.


Happy Birthday! Hope it's a good one.


Happy birthday to you. naked!


@thumperchick maybe woot made us cakes!!! But probably not. I always thought woot should do something special for birthdays, lots of places give something away or maybe even a slight discount. But woot of all places..nothing. :(


@studerc: well this is weird. My birthday was yesterday and my best friend's birthday is today and we are both "around the 23 marker" as well!

Edit: Oh and Happy birthday @studerc and @thumperchick!


Looks like somebody was upset that their birthday wasn't acknowledged.. all the comments have a single -1 :)

Happy birthday @thumperchick and @studerc..

@studerc: What DOES give out stuff for birthdays!
Well, DID give out stuff for birthdays.. Can't remember ever actually seeing that coupon. And not birthdays per se, but WOOT-birthdays.


@thumperchick: Happy Birthday TC! Enjoy your 29th....again ;-)~.


@studerc: Happy Birthday!!!
@adam113089: Happy Belated Birthday!

Thank you all so much for all the birthday love!! Definitely put a smile on my face.