questionsbig health care vote today... is this a good deal…


Would it be neat if we tally our Deals.Woot votes for or against the health care bill?

I'm going to add two comments below, one for the health care bill... the other against it. Vote as you see fit.

Or, ignore this if it's totally lame.


AGAINST the health care bill


Sorry. I retract my question. Watching C-Span now... it's apparent that no one has a clue either way.


@dangela424 "Please, no politicking. Just the facts."

How? There haven't BEEN any facts about this. Just opinions and scare stories.

Have they made the bill's hundreds of pages public yet?

We will know the truth in a year of so, if it passes.
If it doesn't, just more scare stories. (from both sides)


@dangela424: you mean congress has no idea? Well that is apparent.


Its GREAT! The old people who wrote our const. were wrong. Gov shld have a major role in our private lives. When will people learn? Everything they do is done efficiently and effectively the lack of support for this bill, proves Pelosi’s t theory that most of us r “to simple” 2 know whats best for us. Besides, it’s not like expansion of gov power is their primary goal, affordable insurance is. This is the only way to get it done (Lifting state border gov imposed regulation wouldn’t have worked, that is a myth put out by people who understand economics 101.)I look 4ward to dealing with gov employees when I need to see the doctor they wil b assigning 2 me, in my experience those guys have always been awesome!


@kkarenlovesmale: Nice rant, hope it doesn't start anything over here. The place for this discussion is in the ballot box.
I spent too many years telling people what you are saying (plus the deliberate dumbing down of the school system so people WOULD be “to simple”).
Nobody wants to believe it.

Lets stick to online deals!


@emhodew: Politics is hard, let's go shopping.


@emhodew: I know,I know. I'm just so upset about what's happening to my country.. . I'm 2 depressed to shop. :( Im gonna go take a nap, wake me in November.


@shawnmiller: I'm kicking myself for even answering this, but...

Your statement about "...politics is hard, let's go shopping..." is misplaced. I'm perfectly happy to engage in political discussions, but I do NOT believe that this is the place. It's hard enough to have dicusssions of such a sensitive topic face to face. It's easy for people to misunderstand, and get angry, and even worse, to discover that someone they thought well of holds a diametrically opposed position on this enormously divisive topic.

Personally, I thought about using the Tattle button to ask that the question be deleted, but you'd already responded, which told me that I was too late. I have a lot more to say, but I'm keeping it to myself.

No matter how difficult that might be...


@shrdlu: I believe @shawnmiller: was saying much the same thing as you.
@shawnmiller: was agreeing with me (and you) this is not the place for this discussion, we are here to go shopping.


@shrdlu: So let me get this straight. It's ok for you to comment "I really hate politics" but not ok for me to comment "Politics is hard, let's go shopping".


@shawnmiller: I know that I said I wouldn't comment back, but you've put me in a position where I'm damned if I do, and damned if I don't.

My original comment about hating politics was a visceral response, when I realized that I was too late to ask for the question to be deleted, and that it probably wouldn't do any good if I did.

My comment to you was SPECIFICALLY directed to your statement, since you a) changed your original first comment to be far more light hearted than than it had been, and b) have certain abilities (and responsibilities) that others here do not have. If you'd come back under another account, and made that comment, I'd have probably laughed and moved on.

You can't have it both ways. None of the rest of us could have taken the question and turned it into a ballot. In addition, since we ALL know who you are, and that you have specific capabilities that the rest of us do not have, it provides a chilling effect on conversation.




Sigh. I had about four more paragraphs, but I'm just not willing to be drawn into this further. I recognize that I seem to push buttons with you. So be it.

I recall that we've both had comments deleted before (and NO, I do not believe that you did the deleting, and YES, I agree with the decision to delete them). I say this only for the benefit of others, if it seems that you and I are reacting more strongly than the situation warrants. We are. It doesn't.

I may have misread @emhodew's comment, and then thought yours was a flippant response to it. Please, if you're looking to just argue with me, take it to PM, and let everyone else just get on with their Sunday.


I took the comment about my rant with a grain of salt because (a) I don't really care if anyone was bothered by it (b) if I wanted to continue ranting, I know I have the freedom to do so and (c) he had a point, this IS a shopping web site.
At the same time, if someone wants to have a political discussion on Woot, they have that FREEDOM. If Woot doesn’t like it, They have the RIGHT (it’s THEIR WEBSITE)to delete it and if no one wants to engage in a political discussion --THEY DON’T freaken HAVE TO!
I'll never understand the “volunteer, hall monitor” mentality of those people who have this burning desire to exert their control over the actions of others, just because they don't “approve”.
Why did they click on this topic in the first place? To tell everyone who was actually interested in this really important issue to shut up?
Your opinion is relevant to a discussion, not your approval.


@attilathemom: Quick everyone solve this:

Find the partial derivative Fx of: x/(x^2+y^2+z^2)^(3/2)


@bsalusa: Yes it will give you world piece, but only when you plug in 42 for all the variables ;)


I have no horse in this race. I am a Federal retiree. These are my options.
I get an "Open Season" every year. I can choose a new provider each year. Prior medical conditions will still be covered. If I move and my current provider does not provide care there, I get an opportunity to select a new provider. Every member of Congress can also participate in one of these plans.

The Federal Government also administers and at least partially funds these sources of medical care.

Most health-care expenses are incurred before the end of the first year of life and during the last year of life.


@bsalusa: So why isn't that plan good enough for the voters?


@emhodew: Good question. The arguments are full of hypocrisy. I have a sense that the lobbies for commercial providers have significant influence. The public has to sort out the facts from the distortions.


@catbertthegreat: Plug in 42...are you a "LOST" fan?


@wootvan: No, that's a reference to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, in which it is revealed that "42" is the answer to life, the universe and everything.

(Fun trick: if you Google "the answer to life the universe and everything" [no quotes necessary] and press Enter, it will return an answer as if you had put in a math problem - You did know that you can just type in a [not very complicated] math problem and get an answer, right?)


@wootvan: As someone already said it is a Hitchhiker's reference, it is also a Lewis Carrol reference, his favorite number was 42.