questionshas anyone tried p90x?


Nope, I have never heard of it...


I've tried a couple of the workout routines and it is pretty intense. You get results with commitment, I just wanted to see what it was like.
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Yes, I was really into working out for a while and I didn't have the money for a membership to a gym anymore. A friend of mine had it and wasn't using it anymore so I gave it a try. I did it for the first month, I got fit. You have to stick with it though.

One thing I really liked was that it was really hard to do, but, they gave options for every move. If you can't finish a move or do all the reps, they showed other ways to do it, ways to make it easier with the expectation that you would eventually work up to point where you could complete all the exercises in all the videos by the end.

It is also critical to do everything they tell you, including eating the way they tell you. Honestly, the way they tell you to eat would be good for the rest of your life if you can hold to it.


I used to do the "Ab Ripper X" from p90X a lot, and I could tell it was working.

It is an intense workout, but you are given the option to take as many breaks as you want or do simpler workouts.

If I were you, I would look up "Ab Ripper X", or some of the other workouts, on Google Videos. I am not condoning finding every p90X workout online and doing them without paying for the service, but I do think it would be smart to try a few of the exercises out first to see if it would be manageable for you.


My girlfriend has the videos and they are indeed surprisingly intense, but as stupimlico says, there are lower-intensity options suggested.

The best use of P90X or similar programs may be extrapolating for yourself what to do for different muscle groups and why. If you just follow the programs without thinking about them, that's good in itself because you're still getting a workout, but (from personal experience) it's even better figuring out things like "this movement uses the triceps and shoulders, and I could use dumbbells or this machine at the gym to do roughly the same things in other contexts."


P90X is actually made for people who are in great shape and looking to work-out from home instead of the gym. It's crazy, I didn't even come close to keeping up.


The P90X that came out a couple of years ago had a dvd that basically was the pre-qualifier. If you could not do what was on the that 1st DVD, you should not move past it to the other ones. I'm not sure if that's still how it is offered, but if you could borrow a set then decide to buy, you might get a better idea if you are actually ready.


If you are interested in doing something like P90X. I would suggest Insanity. I've done both programs and they are very comparable. The thing I like about Insanity is that you don't need equipment. With P90X you will need a few weights and a pullup bar at the minimum.


P90X pretty much changed my life. I lost 129lbs doing it does work! Good combination of working hard, following the plan INCLUDING the nutrition plan. I've kept the weight off too. Here's my video of my transformation


I've considered trying this for years, but the time commitment and intensity is more than I think I can handle (six days a week, sometimes up to an hour a day). For those looking for a workout that is less intense or will help them build up to P90X, there is Power 90 by the same company/trainer. It's a 90-day program that is fairly repetitive, but I did it and got great results. Plus used copies are available cheap.