questionswhere would i go to buy the props similar to…


also would anyone know where to get the tables from the karova milk bar from the movie a clockwork orange?


I collect antiques. I know people who fancy collectible items (these are the types of items you are referring to). Trust me in this. If you are poor, and looking to avoid the cost of regular furniture, you can't afford the things you are seeking.

If you are artistic, or clever, or have friends who might be one or both of those, you can simply make things. In other times, people made book cases out of discarded lumber and cinderblocks. They made tables out of the wooden spools that telephone cables used to come on (don't even bother looking for those, since they became fashionable, and therefore out of your reach, years ago).

You might consider an Ikea, if one is nearby.

I can actually get the tables you are speaking of (from A Clockwork Orange). They retail at $7500.00 (that might be a special price to me, but it should give you a ballpark).

Ask for other things. I love decorating, and am happy to work with a tiny budget, or no budget at all.


The best luck I've had is on eBay. I picked up some video game displays for my son's room that way. CraigsList might have some now and then. Some antique places will have older/vintage displays. The more out of the way the place is, the better luck you'll usually have.

Also, knowing someone that works there can help. I've known some places in the past that would let you "dib" on pieces.

Good luck.


Silly character limit. If there is a World Market (sometimes called Cost Plus World Market) nearby, they have any number of interesting, and yet inexpensive items.

Stay away from places like Levitz and Furniture Row.

I'll wait until you reply back before making other suggestions.

[Edit] Where do you live? Approximate area of the country, and obviously a college town, so not rural.


thanks for the input! I am currently residing in Vancouver British Columbia. Out of everything in Ikea the only thing that's stood out to me is the furry rug. being a first time condo owner things really add up example of the style of items im looking for would be somewhat cleaned up classy- so leather sofa, furry rug, fancy pots with orchids in them. however at the same time I'm looking for grungy ish looking things- one of which would be the wire stool that you spoke of earlier. the other "style" items(for my living room) would be grungy-ish. in other words store display stuff like the knome in this display
if it helps at all my new condo living space would be in this type of neighborhood.


@zoomyboy: Neighborhood was not the issue. Stores available to you was. If you can make the trip over to the US, there are about a zillion and a half antique and collectible stores in and around Everett, Washington. I'll have to check with friends later, but I know there are plenty of them.

Silly me. Never mind. There's all kinds of places in your backyard. Try here:

Heck, I'm thinking about driving there. Okay, I lied, no I'm not, but it looks like the area around you is rich in this kind of place. Many of the things you are probably looking for will be in these places.

[Edit] It's gnome. The word you were looking for (not knome).


@shrdlu: Actually he shouldn't have to cross the border there should be a lot of vintage shops up in BC. Probably around the University area and also the Granville Island area, unless they cleaned that area up for the Olympics, that was always the grunge hang out when I was college.


@hobbit: Pssttt.. The Cloverdale Antique shop is in Vancouver. Just saying.


@zoomyboy: My grandmother had a saying: "Champagne appetite on a beer income". Assuming your condo is for the long term, I recommend decorating on the cheap now, with the eye to replace each piece as funds become available.

I believe @shrdlu is correct that collectible items command a higher price. I collect two-dollar bills (yes, they are legitimate) and can get two dollars for each of them from any bank. But I can get upwards of $300 to $500 for some in my collection from a coin shop, depending on its rarity and condition.