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While I'm sure someone whine about the network, there's a nice special floating around on Fox News called "Fly Me To The Moon" that celebrates our adventures to and on the moon. Those were remarkable people who worked on the projects and my family was lucky enough to counts some of them as friends.


@lavikinga: FOX NEWS!?!?!? I'd never resort to watching them!

Just kidding. For those of you who are lazy, here's the link.


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I would love to orbit the earth, to go to the moon and to Mars and beyond. Growing up I always wanted to be an astronaut and my career as an aerospace engineer is a direct result of that.
I think it's a shame that the US space program is so pitiful right now. It would take us years to get back to the moon even if the government decided to do it and turned on the money this very day. We don't even have the plans for the Saturn 5 rockets anymore (they've been lost. Although there are a few still around and they could probably be reverse engineered.) Who knows what new technologies and innovations we're missing out on because we've all but stopped exploring space. How many lives could have been saved by space related medical and agricultural breakthroughs? What cool new gadgets could we be playing with? How much more excited would kids be in math and science if "space explorer" was a valid career goal?


@gt0163c: The US space program is pitiful right now?!?!?!?!?

Tell that to Elon Musk, as he's about to roll out the most powerful rocket since the Saturn V itself, while conducting development of high-precision VTVL technology on a scale never before realized.

Tell that to Bigelow, who's got functioning habitat prototypes in orbit and who's ready to provide modules for station and planet-side habitation at the drop of a hat.

Tell that to the Mars Science Laboratory team, after they've pioneered new ways to do insertion, descent, and landing.

Tell that to the people who're staffing the first purpose-built commercial spaceport.

No, the only thing pitiful about the "US space program" is the amount of time, effort, and money being wasted on the Space (Senate) Launch System.... and maybe that damn boondoggle of a new telescope.

Frankly, there's more progress going on now than there has been in quite a long time.


@gt0163c: Links for my rant:

Oh, and you should also tell that to Dava Newman, who's developed spacesuits that no longer need to function like giant, high pressure balloons, but instead provide the necessary pressure through mechanical means, offering a level of flexibility, dexterity, and compactness only available previously in sci-fi.
(And, not to be rude, but she's also quite cute.)


Yep. It only took 3 years to figure out that nothing valuable is there.


i go to the moon everyday just smoke a joint and i am there,,,lol