questionswhat's the best baby monitor / security system…


I bought a wireless Foscam. It has built in two-way audio and everything. The infrared night-mode is superb for the price. It can also be plugged in to LAN directly if you can/prefer to do it that way. Also has Pan-Tilt-Zoom. If you can abandon the handheld monitor and use a laptop instead, this is probably you're cheapest and best route. You can use your iPhone to view the cameras as well. We looked into dedicated baby monitors and either the price was horribly expensive, or the night vision was lackluster, or both.


i just love the "stalking" LOL


hmm i wonder if these children are actually rebellious teens that need some catching
"i caught you on camera smoking Stevie!"


naw, they don't really need much stalking. problem is the kiddos (3.5 and will be newborn at christmas) will be on a different floor. i just want to tell if it's worth my effort to drag my sleepy butt downstairs to check on them or if they'll go the f*ck to sleep on their own. :)


We have a wireless camera kit is ideal for families. wifi night vision cameras with motion detection alarm and ISO or Android App ,Supports Automatic exposure control and Low illumination in night vision.