questionswhat are your plans for today?


Skype with dad later, and enjoy some nice weather.

Save me some ribs :)


@okham: I'll try but you know how that goes..."maybe just one more" and then it's, "what happened to all the ribs?"


My mother and I just got back from visiting my father and grandfather's graves. We had a nice, long lunch with plenty of mimosa drank (though today I'm using mango juice instead of orange) and now she's going out to read and relax in the sun while I go play videogames in the dark. This evening, when my brother comes home, we'll grill some simple Cajun shrimp and vegetables and sit around in the humid twilight and fondly but frankly reminisce about my father and grandfather.


Call my dad later (gotta work the next hour or so) and wonder if all my sons will call me or if (as usual) one won't because he thinks texting is the same as calling.


I've been watching the US Open with my dad and brother. It's been fun watching the pro's play a REAL course for once.


Visited my hubby's dad (well, tried to, but he was out and about) and stepdad. Called my dad and caught up. He LOVED the woot monkey I put in with his gift. Talked about that more than anything else. :)


the same thing we do every day ... try to take over the world

no1 no1

@no1: I, too, remember Brain. I was the lovable assistant of his, Pinky. Now, I've ambitiously tried to become a respectful screenwriter/regular writer with good ideas.

The business of television is one of a good number "poor players, who strut and fret their hour upon the stage..."

No one will ever believe you, Bill!

I told you guys all about this, now it's time to deliver.


Lost my Dad in 2000 and FIL in 2010. Dad's grave is several hundred miles away and FIL had his ashes scattered so I can't visit either. I miss them both.

Made a special lunch for DH today. Both kiddos were here, and DD's fiancé joined us. DH is increasingly difficult to buy gifts for, but I did ok this year. I snagged the "Mystery Box of Manly Awesomeness" from ThatDailyDeal about a month ago, and upgraded to the 26' Tough Stuff Diamond Tool Box version. I opened it when it arrived a couple of weeks ago and looked through the goodies inside, then picked up some additional things DH liked (mostly bar/wine related, favorite snack foods, et al). He always makes fun of me and my love for BOC's (remember those?) but he seemed to have a blast opening this one and told me "You done good!"


Dang, I missed it. It was a pretty decent day, though, so I'll recap.

Started out watching CBS Sunday Morning.
Walked 1/2 hour to diner for breakfast. Read first 30 pages of Joyland by Stephen King.
Serendipitously caught bus a few blocks between diner and movie theater, arriving just in time for 12:00 showing of Man of Steel. (Otherwise I'd have gotten there a little after 12 and gone to a 1:00.)

Saw Man of Steel. Liked it much more than I thought.

Walked home, including a trek up a very steep hill that didn't kill me.
Stopped for ice cream. (Bergen County Blue laws, shmoo laws. Movie theaters, restaurants, and grocery stores are still open.) Stopped at CVS. Got some cheap stuff.

Came home and chilled with cat; got a blood sample from him, which is getting easier. (He's diabetic.)

Called Dad (He was at my sister's place; we celebrated a few weeks go; I took him to see Fast and Furious 6).

Bullshitted on Interwebs for several hours.

Went to sleep.


I opened another question not seeing this one. DOH!
My daughter and I went to the hospital to see my grandpa. His leg swole up the size of a baloon. We spent about 2 -3 hours there until my dad came to take over for a bit. Hung with dad then my daughter took me out to lunch (she's 13). On the way home we stopped at the store for movies and snacks. then relaxed the rest of the day. It was actually one of the best days I've had in a while.


Missed this one! I would have loved to have visited my dad, but he is Myanmar. I worked most of the day yesterday. I finished it off doing accounting homework for my online class. Average day?


Planned on going to daughters for party. Hubby was in a bike foot race. Crashed his bike 4 broken ribs and blood on the brain. Came home from hospital today feeling sore. He was go to participate in World Championships in August, but now alas. At least he is alive, the old fool,


@gigi889: Wow! Tough day! Hope he gets better soon, and I hope he's a good patient. Men can be dreadful patients, I know all too well.