questionsquestions about tattling etiquette


My understanding of the rules:
1. Definitely.
2. Valid price is a valid deal.
3. See #2.
4. See #2.
This place definitely needs an autoexpire.


1. Tattle

2. Tattle, but don't expect anything. Technically not breaking any rules.

3. Ignore it. I start at page 2000 when tattling, which is approx 6 months. There are plenty of older deals too keep you occupied.

4. Ignore it. Technically not breaking any rules as it is a different website. People here are smart enough to just not buy it.


1 and 3 are tattles. 2 and 4 aren't tattles: that is what the down arrow is for. If you know for a fact that something isn't a deal give it a down vote and you should like to the place where it can be had for cheaper. You may discover (happens frequently) that the "better deal" is often not the same item (older model, refurb vice new) or with outragous shipping costs.


@wilfbrim: How can #3 be a tattle but not #2? Did you get those reversed?


the way it was explained to me is: if the price changes by a penny or more it is a tattle (expired). if the promotion (free shipping/etc) ends tattle (expired). if the product is no longer available tattle (expired). if it is still the same price and available it stays. if the item was listed three years ago at the same price and store the new listing for the same item at the same store gets tattled (duplicate).
thank you for joining the tattle crew. we appreciate all the help we can get.


1. Don't know if tattle would be the right thing to do since there is obviously still a deal, but it might help avoid duplicates.

2-4. My suggestion would be if the parent site is listing it as a deal/sale/discount/etc., then valid price is a valid deal. The "similar deals" box on the side should alert buyers to better offers, but others might have sold out or ended, so leave the post until the deal expires. We all should probably take the time to comment on those sort of deals though just to help each other out. Just because a deal is not popular doesn't mean it isn't a deal for someone out there looking for it. Leave it up as long as its valid.

IMHO, let's focus on getting rid of the ones from years ago where the product isn't even in the stores inventory anymore. I think that would be the most productive use of everyone's time until we get the number of deals back down to a manageable level.