questionscan you help me find accessories for my nexus 7…


As far as the screen protector; if you want to spend a bit more, but get a lifetime of use, go with ArmorSuit. Otherwise a screen protector is a screen protector, they make the peel off ones for under $5 but you have to keep replacing them every now and then. I don't have a Nexus, so I'm not sure on the case choices. But I did a quick Google search and found this article from PC Mag that might offer some help.


@eraten: I'll definitely check out ArmorSuit.

Nice catch on the article! Thanks. I'm reading it now.


To answer your question with another, I'm shopping the HSPA version, but the cases on Google Play store say "wifi only". Why? Other than the SIM slot, which never gets opened, what's the difference?

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