questionscan i pick up a fedex package for someone else…


I am not positive, but the last time I went to pick up a Fedex package I had to show my driver's license with the same name as was on the package (they had a sign up stating this) and also had to sign some papers.

I would recommend calling Fedex and see what they say.


@hackman2007: @panthiest: Tasi wine? Perk! I'd love to sign for it. Unfortunately, I'm in Florida. Expecting my own case sometime. Ordered 11/20, scheduled to arrive here Wed., 12/12 Or is it Thurs.?

Looooooonnnnnng time from order date, eh? Anyway, sorry I can't help on the signature thing. Unhelpful again. :-/


@hackman2007: Thanks. I'm thinking maybe if I have her call and say I'm picking it up that might work.

@gmwhit No worries, you didn't somehow make anything worse anyway. Has been a long time, hoping the wine makes it worth it :)


The short answer, "no."

The long answer: I ordered glasses from before my last vacation. The box arrived the day before I left, but the FEDEX driver showed me it was empty, and marked it a refused delivery. I emailed Coastal to let them know what happened, and they immediately made a new pair of glasses and sent them out 2nd day air, which was nice but an unnecessary expense as I'd already left for Costa Rica. My petsitter was at work when FEDEX tried to deliver the new ones. He took the notice to FEDEX, along with my note saying he was authorized to receive packages, among other responsibilities as my agent in my absence. They still wouldn't let him pick up the glasses. They held them for three days and sent them back. Coastal sent out a THIRD pair of glasses, which also arrived while I was in Costa Rica, I got back the day they were going to return them and managed to snag them. I much prefer USPS.


@moondrake: damn. Thanks though for sharing the harrowing tale :p. Glad you got your glasses in the end