questionswhat is your favorite kind of sandwich?


well fluffernutter is out. Grilled cheese is always safe.

Probably not a good choice for a 4 year old, but my fav is a good bahn mi. Baguette, roast pork, pickled carrots & daikon, mayo, cilantro & jalapenos.


My personal fav is peanut butter and honey =D

You might try turkey/lettuce/mayo for him, or tuna fish salad (tuna, mayo, hard boiled egg)


The club is always the good fall back. Ham, turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, Swiss cheese and spicy mustard. Off the hook!
Drooling thinking about one.


my 4 year-old is starting to branch out and is asking for lettuce and tomatoe on his sandwiches. He really likes ham on his grilled cheese.

When I was about that age, it was peanut butter and dill pickles. It was the bomb


Another vote for grilled cheese. All of my kids love them!


Reheated breaded frozen chicken patties from Costco on bun with peanut butter and lettuce.


Down side for grilled cheese is the school lunch thing. Doesn't work as well for a packed lunch.


any lunch meat (ham, turkey) + chips (on the sandwich). potato, doritos... anything to add the crunch. Loved it as a kid, eating a peanut butter and jelly and doritos sandwich.

Even today, one of my favorite sandwiches at an old haunt is grilled tofu with sprouts, veggie cream cheese, doritos, and shiracha on a bagel... it's yummy.

But absolute favorite as an adult is turkey, bacon, onion, green apple, sun dried tomato mayo on ciabatta.

maybe for a kid just doing turkey bacon and green apple...


My Mom used to make what she called a "salad sandwich", which was lettuce, cheese, and whatever fruit we had on hand. Plums, apples, and/or peaches were good. Schmear of mayo is optional.

"Don't knock it until you've tried it." --Mom

There's also the "other" salad sandwiches -- egg, tuna, turkey, chicken, or ham -- though people don't usually pack those in lunches anymore for fear of salmonella. I still do.


How about banana and marshmallow cream? Maybe add raisins? You could even use graham crackers as "bread".