questionswill you be buying call of duty, modern warfare 3…


You know how you keep game companies from raping your wallet? You don't buy from the ones that pull this crap. I only got Black Ops because my gaming community wanted to get a server. I got the first expansion for free because I owned a server, and by the time the 2nd one came out, we had all lost interest in the same repetitive crap as before.

So, hello Battlefield 3 -- good bye Modern Warfail.


My understanding is that all the Elite service is is stat tracking, clan setups and clan matches, etc. None of that is necessary to play the game, they just enhance it if you are into that sort of stuff. And map packs aren't required. Just saying.


@capguncowboy: Ditto.

I got the first map pack...but then I realized they were just gonna try to screw me out of another $60 in addition to the game so I said "F-U"

And whaddayaknow? They're up to like 4 or 5 map packs @ $15/ea.

The thing that irritates me the most is you know they had at least some of these done at launch...I haven't read the subscription thing yet, but I'll check that out.

[ed] And lemme add, it's genius business. It just pisses me off because I'm the guy who's gettin' businessed :)


Everything that was free before, will STILL BE FREE! It's an additional service. Simple solution to play online for free... get a PS3!


@jsoko: I like my used games. Sony have announced that they're going to release all future first-party games with "Online Pass". Essentially, it would work like this.

1. I buy a used game
2. I pay Sony for the "Online Pass" code for that game

This isn't OK, to me.


You can sign up for CoD Elite for free. I'm signed up and am able to compete in competitions and such for some fairly cool prizes (Ipads, TVs, gift cards). If you pay for CoD Elite it gives you additional statistics and options concerning clan play. The service also gives you all of the DLC and they break it up and get you pieces of it sooner than the public. It actually saves you money if you plan on getting all of the DLC. The paid pass is for the hardest of the hardcore. You can still get the DLC individually and sign up for CoD Elite for free. I understand the apprehension, but if you don't want it don't get it.


@khellendros1984: Source please? This is the first I've heard of that and would like to know more (but apparently not enough that I will go research on my own xD).



(apparently, the EA one extends to the 360 as well)

These are results from searching for exactly: "online pass" sony

edit: I'm mostly looking at the titles of the pages and the google work blocks gaming sites, but I've seen this story reported other places before today.


If you break it down the Hardened Edition - $100 - is the best bet for true CoD fans.
You get the game - $60 - and a year of Elite - $50 - which includes ALL the DLC and some other extras. Avatar item, book and other stuff.

I just don't like the idea of a glorified stat tracker that BTW, Battlefield is doing for FREE! That and Activision is nothing buy money whores.

Above and beyond the call!


@khellendros1984: Thanks for the links.

Online Pass sounds like a bad idea to me, but I am just the customer: when am I ever right?


Make no mistake they (Activision is a leader here) are trying to find ways to get more money out of you after a game is launched. Their goal is to also prevent any and all used game purchases ever. They are taking it one step at a time getting the consumer used to things in little steps.


@khellendros1984: A lot of games have free codes when you purchase the games new. It's simply an incentive to buy new games.
NCAA Football had an online pass code.
MX Alive had a race track.

It's not new.


@jsoko: It's new that Sony's making it a blanket rule for their first-party games.

DLC is a similar idea, and that's been around for about as long as the xbox 360. I didn't say it was new. I was just implying that I consider it a slide in the quality of customer service provided by game companies.


@khellendros1984: I still don't see the big deal...


@wickedd365: The stat tracking portion of Elite is included in the free portion. From what I saw at CODXP, the stat tracking looks to be pretty in depth and should be quite interesting.

Most of the Elite service is free. What you get for the $50 a year is all the DLC, access to competitions for real prizes (this is free in the beta, but only on the paid service when it is released), more options for creating and organizing clans, exclusive videos to help further your game, and content created especially for the service such as a show starring Jason Bateman and Will Arnett. I'm sure there's more to the paid service, but the stat tracking is all free.

If you are someone who plans on getting all the DLC there is no reason not to get the premium Elite subscription for the year. They promised four DLC packs again for MW3, so the subscription saves you $10, getting the Hardened Edition saves an additional $10. You also get DLC every month instead of waiting for the packs.


@drchops: the genius business part is so true! sucks that they don't give the map packs away but hey, they delivery a superior product (in my opinion) and they should be compensated for it.


@czarkingkaiser: When you say "they deserve to be compensated," do you mean by the original $60-150 dollars for the initial game purchase, or by charging an additional $15 each piece of additional content?


@drchops: My meaning is that all developers charge for map packs, and just because they have a popular product used by a lot of gamers, they shouldn't feel guilty about charging for it. Map design and server maintenance can't be cheap.

I think for many gamers that $15 might be too steep, but I know that I'll get my money's worth.


Just find it rediculous that if you pay into their scheme you will have an advantage over those who dont... Not much of an advantage overall, but a scam nonetheless


It's a good deal if you plan on getting all the map packs. If you don't have an interest in the DLC, don't pay for it. Vote with your wallet.