questionschallenge: where to buy a new front loading…


We have had our current front loader pair for a few years now. They are LG and so far they have worked consistently well. The only lesson we had to learn the hard way was to not close the door to the washer when not in use, especially in the humid summer months. It would cause mildew to develop in the rubber seal. Fortunately some vinegar and running the clean cycle cleared up the issue!

We bought ours at Sears. I still think they are a great choice for price and selection (if you can hit a good sale). I personally will think a few times before shopping at out local Sears store again because I have had serious issues with customer service and the management in the major appliance department the last two times I have purchased there.


Sears Outlet. Get a scratch and dent. No one will ever know.

All told.


Do yourself a HUGE favor and invest in a Speed Queen brand. They are the best made machines in America. Much less plastic and the absolute BEST warranties you will ever find.
YES, they ARE much more expensive than most washers out there, but they are MADE TO LAST, unlike most washer/dryers that are built to last for maybe 5 to 7 years. You'll have fewer service calls, any parts you might need in the future will be available and your clothes will look so much better & be cleaner than using a "water conscious green machine."

Google around for Speed Queen and read the reviews.


I would also suggest giving LG a look, and Lowe's has good sales sometimes.