questionswhat do you think woot is going to do for blackā€¦


Probably nothing. Woot already sells one item a day for a decent/good price.

Plus from previous history, they seem to just have regular items.

Hopefully I'm wrong though!


I'm hoping for a Bag of Crap. I need something special for my mother-in-law.


@wnyx585am: You made me actually lol. Thank you.

On a side note - how awesome would it be to trade BOC style gifts with your family/friends? Better than white elephant, but kind of crap nonetheless. Hrm...


Crapshoot... but with turkeys!


@jsoko: I don't think turkeys ship too well. Especially not for $5.


@wnyx585am: turkey's will ship for $5 fine, it's the 2 week smart post that'll be the downfall......


@spikedknight: That would be fine as long as you don't expect a LIVE turkey.


Black Friday?

Maybe Deals.Woot will give everyone a black triangle for a day? After all the white triangles it might be a treat to see everyone change in lockstep.

Or perhaps they will go black for a day (instead of 10 minutes here and there)? Time to take a day off and let the overheated servers cool down?

Perhaps they'll offer a 24 hour sale on all-black screaming monkeys!

Or maybe Woot will offer the season's good cheer, which is simply priceless and ships for free!


I think it would be great to sell the woot-off lights. But BOCs would be good too.