questionswhy are @wootbot's stats so bad?


He's all about volume, not quality. Plus, I think he's just got an attitiude about everything anyway.


That's funny, you're wondering why @wootbot has no woots, and just over a week ago @lumpthar was wondering how @wootbot could have any woots :)
(apparently his rep showed 25-49 at that time).


@wootbot never gets a break, leave @wootbot alone! The wailing and lament is so painful!


Actually, I'm surprised it's that high!

- Deals postings are weighed averages and based on quality, not quantity ... and @wootbot's quality is lackluster to say the least.
- Comments, old.
- Questions, none.
- Answers, none.
- Votes, none.
- Tattles, none I presume.
- Activity, some.
- Awesomeness, ... ummm, no comment.


@narfcake: I think it's as high as it is just because of him posting deals and the amount of posting he does leads to a lot of activity. I say that because my Mom buys on woot! now and is active on deals! and she hasn't posted any comments, deals, tattles, ect., she's only been voting on deals and some comments, and her rep is around 43%. Her rep is pretty much based on "deals voted for" and "activity". She's retired and can play on here all day.


And the poor bot only has a lousy TEN quality posts! After all he does, he makes the first post and keeps all the stats on every Woot site current, and he has only 10 quality posts? Wow. Talk about self loathing. The bot that fronts the organization gets no recognition. I'm starting to wonder if maybe the problems during the woot offs weren't wootbot making taking a virtual shot across the bow.


I know this is an old question. I was going thru @wootbot's stats today and noticed that @wootbot ONLY posted deals from for the past two months. And they're all crappy deals. Maybe it's some way of skewing that stats towards Amazon having a better deals.woot reputation than one of their main competitors?