questionsare you like totally done with all of theā€¦


We still have some left overs in the fridge, I just got done eating a plate of them as a matter of fact. I think one or two more days and it will be over. I just hate to see good food go to waste! We have been eating other food too for variety.


It has been such a busy weekend I haven't had any leftovers yet. I am having the only full fledged turkey-stuffing-cranberry sauce-biscuits-gravy-sweet potatoes plate that I saved for dinner tonight. I sent all the other leftovers home with my guests to avoid temptation and just put some healthy squash and smoked turkey in the freezer. I'll eat that between now and Christmas.


You guys have leftovers?

We eat it all that same day..


Like totally. Dude.
Actually I ate at someone else's place so no leftovers for me.