questionsany suggestions for a song to parody?


If you're gonna quit, I say just quit. Why does everyone quitting need to be a spectacle? Why do there need to be questions and posts about it?


Well that was truly excellent!

But I cannot collude in your selecting a song for deals, because that would imply my endorsing your leaving. Not gonna do it. We've lost too much already. : (


@gideonfrost: I understand you POV, but I think people are trying to make a point to woot PTB, that the recent changes are driving away long-standing members of the community. When a site that has it's success predicated on a devoted group of core users, and they suddenly start exiting, after recent changes, it does send a clear message. I personally do not think it will change anything, as the new management philosophy doesn't seem nearly as interested in responding to the members concerns as it was under snapster. I think that they will press on with these sorts of changes, and as they do, they will gain members who like it this way, or won't know what they are missing. Soon, this will be a site like many others, lost in the crowd.


@pickypickypicky: I can understand that to but the last person who left came back in a day. What did that prove?

People get upset with woot when they change in any way, and in the world of buisness you need to evolve to stay relevant.

I saw someone in another post upset about the woot off. Woot offs haven't changed it's just that they have seen 20 of them now and it's not new and exciting anymore. They've gotten a bag of crap and realize that sometimes it is just what the title says.

Mortimer and Monte said it best (and I'm paraphrasing here) "Things can't stay the way they were forever"


@pickypickypicky: Well stated!

I'm not making cake (just so you know) if this happens, by the way. (I will probably just go weep in the corner like usual. :( )

edit: It's not because I'm mean (ymmv), it's just because I'm not good at making cakes in the summer. Or any time for that matter. :/


@gideonfrost: I think change is inevitable and often good. I also think that an influx of fresh blood into woot can be a good thing. And, on many sites, I have seen the slightest changes elicit a panicked pseudo exodus, only to see very few actually leave. But woot has tampered with the very things that makes it magic. Just in the short time I have been here, there have been so many changes. I can only imagine how jarring it must be for a long time user. And I feel that the general attitude of open criticism, that woot has fostered, is certainly appropriate when reflected at the site itself. As I said, I think the die is cast, and said criticism will have no effect, but I will defend to my death my fellow wooters right to complain. Or at least until lunch.


@inkycatz: Dammit! Did I miss the cake again?

j5 j5

@pickypickypicky: Thank you.

@gideonfrost: Just as your life changing event have gone through Woot, so have mine. Woot shirts brought us together in the first place, so for me to turn away from a site that was once a source of joy, is a big deal.

@inkycatz: The type of cake that would draw me back is going to have to be the anthropomorphic variety ... and printed on something "wearable".


@narfcake: I think in bringing up my engagement you prove the point that woot still is awesome, and there is a reason to stay. That was woot 2 months ago, not the woot of years and years ago.

Woot shirts are what brought me to woot as well, and while it's arguable that there have been some unfortunate changes recently, they're still part of an awesome company.

I get tired of all the woot bashing. They've made some changes but they're still a great place.


@inkycatz: Did you leave your cake out in the rain again?

@gideonfrost: I think this particular question may have been intended to link people to @narfcake's post at shirt.woot. He has been at the center of the shirt community for many years, and his efforts to break down the Reckoning formula and shed light on a previously opaque process, combined with over a year of daily-number gathering and posting, along with his tireless efforts to educate shirt.wooters and constant advocacy on issues related to the artists and unwavering support of the artists... Well, this isn't your average "bye forum!" situation. @narfcake's departure will leave a hole in the shirt community, one that can't be fixed with a needle and thread.

@narfcake: So Fresh Cake on an apron, hoodie, poster, mug, AA blank would bring you back? @inkycatz, can you pass that along to the right person? :)


To get back to the question...Song choice

Hotel California.

Let's see what you can do with:
"Good night" said the night man "We are programmed to receive
You can check out anyytime you like, but you can never leave"


@inkycatz: How about cupcakes instead? They are less formidable yet still cake.


@jsimsace: Late to the party, but your post had me picturing a shirt with a cupcake on it and NKK in the background singing "Unformidable, that's what you are, Unformidable..."