questionshow old is your email service?


The earliest record I have of my current email address is in late 2000. It may go back a little further, but probably not much. It kills me though, I could have signed up for a lifetime subscription to that address back then, but I just didn't have the money.


Not sure...really bad w/dates. (Yes, those dates, too!). Still have a addy. It was not AOL at the time. It was my 1st online email. Probably got that 16 years ago. Or maybe longer than that.

Also have an obscure em addy that is now earthlink and connected to Outlook Express. Had that one over 17 years.

vote-for7vote-against idea how long I have had my hotmail address. TMy different services range from ancient to a year old.


My oldest Email address is from 1994 (still functional) but my current is from 2002. So My oldest Email address is 19 years old.


My main email address dates back to '89. My first email address dates back to '81.


1996 or 1997... so 16 or 17 years. My word, I'm getting old.

ETA: Although apparently not as old as some others. :D


@editorkid: 1981 ? You win !

I've changed so many times......

Current ( main email ) is 9yrs and counting.


Buncha newbies. I remember bang addresses, and you had to know almost the entire path yourself.


Like @gmwhit, I have a netscape account that is from the mid-90s (95, I think). It's still my main one (although AOL owns it now).


1994, a Hotmail account with 25MB of storage that I accessed from the local library's T1 line. The address I give out now dates to 2004.


My hotmail address is from 1995.


@stile99: One word, mister. Kremvax.

Yeah, I had an email addy with a bunch of ! in it. I think the oldest email address that I have, that I still use, is a Rocketmail address. I really loved Rocketmail. It was one of the first free email services.

I have so many email addresses that I still use that I would need a second comment box just to list them (and NO, I'm not going to list any of them here, thanks).

Dang. Bang paths. That was a LONG LONG time ago.