questionsif you are staying in, which new year's eve show…


I will be watching the Burns & Allen/Jack Benny marathon on Antenna TV (WGN somehow), because MeTV isn't doing anything. Well, I'll have it on, I'm not entirely sure that I'll watch it. Your plan is better, but I'm sticking to mine.


None. I have dogs and I live near a city organized fireworks display, so I will spend my New Year's keeping my dogs "safe" from the fireworks. The enormous bangs, booms and pops scare the living daylights out of my pups.

I'll be moving them into a porch / sun room where I can close all the doors and windows which will insulate them from most of the sounds. The rest will be my dogs trying to hide under the furniture or inside my clothes. Nothing like a frightened border collie shaking like a leaf inside your shirt.


Another vote for Anderson Cooper & Kathy Griffin here. I'm not proud.


I'm going to be celebrating with my neighbor. Just her and I. She is the most amazing woman I have ever met! We've been talking and hanging out for a long time, but nothing has ever happened. I hope I get the midnight kiss!!! I guess tonight I will find out if I am in the deadly friend zone lol! Wish me luck all!


@housry23: Good luck! Maybe 2013 is the year of love for ya! If not, you are definitely stuck in the gay friend zone.


I will be watching Cooper and Griffin. Sounds like a serious news team, but far from it. I confess I like it when Anderson giggles.


If I'm awake, whatever is on History Channel. @housry23: Break a leg. ;)


I watched the Clemson-LSU game, then went to bed.
@housry23: And?