questionswhat are good sites to look for cabin rental up…


Check and Be sure to read/check the reviews & references.


+1 on VRBO.COM ! !
Had really good luck on finding very reasonable vacation cabins and condos in the Smokies in Gatlinburg and beach houses in FL. Many of the owners will also negotiate what they charge depend on the time of year. Never hurts to ask for a better deal!


@bill7718: That was cool. Although I feel the need to point out that while google is great for searching, I don't quite trust its results to give me the cheapest vacation options as opposed to something that is a "bargain" because the web builders know to put bargain the web tags.


Thanks @90mcg112 and @kelomaki. I will look into those sites.


Just another vote for VRBO. We've used them for about 25 rentals over the last 13 years with only one problem cabin.