questionswhy can't my shipping address be changed or my…


I hate to ask the obvious but have you contacted woot support? There is a new support page now:

Just fill in the spaces with your issues and they should get back to you.


Ah sorry, I should have more clearly stated that I have been in contact with woot support. That's where I got the information that last night's order's shipping address cannot be changed and cannot be cancelled.


Well, let me go with some personal experience on this and hope that it helps. Due to the speedy shipping, as you've noticed, sometimes it's hard to get a request to cancel in before labels start getting printed and things already get boxed up and ready to rock.

Yeah, it totally bites. It's happened to me, even. Ended up sending something to a person I knew because her address happened to be in there and I thought I'd fixed it.

The good news is, whoever gets your item is likely to refuse the item and it'll bounce right back to woot, will process a refund up for you, etc. We encourage you to stay on top of the issue, and hope this helps ease your mind just a lil bit.


Woot's just that good, apparently. Good luck getting it sorted!



Fortunately I know the person at that address, and they'll be forwarding on the package once it arrives. Thanks everyone, for all of your help.


@figgers3036: Oh I am so glad to hear that.

(Now go make sure your address is fixed! :D


@inkycatz: Yes'm! I caught my mistake when I was ordering other items last night and so the rest are correct, just that one is wrong.


measure twice, cut once! one time (at band camp) after I had sent a shirt to a friend, I changed the address back to mine, but not the zip code. That next shirt order bounced back and forth from my post office to that one/others for nearly a month before it finally made it to me.


It's the Woot shipping slipstream.
Don't get caught in it.

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@figgers3036: That same exact thing happened to me last week. Oh well, now I guess my mom is going to get an extra Xmas present. I did kinda want it for myself though.


I don't think I've ever had a woot item ship out that fast. Must be a glitch.


While I am a fan of the faster shipping methods, the fact that your shipping label prints almost immediately, leaving you with no room for error - should be made really clear to people. Quite frankly, unless your item is listed as "shipped" on your order page, you absolutely should have the right to cancel.


With the tracking number you can change where it ships to if its ups I think, im not sure about usps/fedex.
Good luck :)


Yep, Woot could contact UPS and have the delivery address changed, although it sounds like they aren't willing to do this? FedEx will change the address during transit if the new address is in the same city/state. Both charge a fee for this service. Vendors can also do this with USPS now - it's a new service they're finally offering.


@thumperchick: Nice answer, and I totally agree with you. It's not "shipped" until it's shipped, right?