questionsi noticed the "daily deals" pages seem to be 60…


Yes, I've noticed this as well. It seems that many people simply register a domain name, then start posting their inventory here on woot as "deals". I do not think that it is a good thing.

On the other hand, the solution may be that users should post more regular deals to push these merchant-posted deals off of the fresh and top tabs. However, it's difficult to compete with the sheer volume of the merchant-posted deals.

Just to clarify, I don't think all the merchant-posted deals are bad, it's just that there are too many unknown or unverified merchants that don't really have much of a history to be able to accurately judge whether or not they are safe to buy from. That's one of the reasons that I try to look out for a couple of the known bad apples that worm their way back to deals.woot from time to time.


Yes, it's been like this for a while now. Free advertising I guess. It's gotten to the point that I first look to see who posted the deal. If that matches the deal site name, I usually pay no attention to it. There are a few exceptions, of course.


I don't think this is too big of a deal. I'll admit I didn't notice it was this bad until seeing this thread, but I think it's okay. For the most part, these dealers are reputable. If they didn't post it, someone else would. It might limit what we, as regular users, can post to an extent, but if the deal would come around anyway, it doesn't matter too much to me if it's posted by a user or a representative of the company.

If they all went to the front page it might limit to an extent, but I see more variety on the top page than the fresh.


Yes, tabs. It will have to get to this eventually anyway. I posted a question asking where the "free" deals go when they get the "free" tag and are removed from the first page. Like most other sites there should be a separate tab for free. And much like the "Sponsored Deals" on the front page there should be a separate section for "Merchant" deals. Maybe not on the front page like the sponsored deals are since they pay for that, but someplace where it is not flooding everyone's deals.


@coondogg97: I second your idea...a 'merchant member' tab...and they have to still be voted up or down.

We had a spat of 'bad' deal posts last year and the mods jumped on it pretty quick. I'm not saying that we're at that level of bad...but we're getting more and more of them.



Or just weight merchant-posted deals lower, like the dreaded "free" tag.


What would be wrong with imposing a #/posts-per-day limit?


as long as a deal is a true deal it is ok with me. A bad deal would get very few votes under the current system.



I know right... that free tag weighs like a TON.


What I hate seeing is when they post the same item in different colors and take up a whole page. If thay post one or two real deals it wouldn't be bad.