questionsdid you receive a shirt woot poll email?


Here's a copy of the email:

Hi there, Bingo969 -

We're trying to make Shirt.Woot into the best, greatest, funnest Shirt.Woot it can be. We bet you have some opinions about how we can do that.

Well, now's your chance to have a say. We've put together a survey about what's right and wrong with Shirt.Woot, and who's invited to take it? None other than li'l ol' you.

But you have to jump on it, like, right now. We're only going to run the survey for a little while. It's totally confidential and private. And it's hosted by a third-party company who knows more about this stuff than we do, so don't be alarmed that the survey link doesn't point to Woot.

Speaking of the survey link, here it is:[survey code and PIN were here]

Give it to us straight. We'll appreciate it. And thanks for your time.



I received one as well. The survey was relatively short and mostly concerned shirt.woot regarding feel, length, neck holes, shipping, etc.


I can only hope @narfcake received one, but I suspect his name is on a shirt-related blacklist somewhere.


@magic cave: Yeah there were a couple I immediately though of in regards to that, @narfcake being near the top of the list. Heh.


Huh. Not that I care about the actual vote, but I wonder who downvoted this and why?


No survey for me, which is disappointing, considering more than half of my woot purchases have been shirts. Thanks for sharing.


@djp519: I agree, 95 Woots to date of which best guess is at least half of them were shirts or other shirt.woot items


I received no such email either, and boy do I have an opinion...about everything :)

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No email for me, either. It's starting to look like they made sure none of us vocal shirt.wooters get to vote - perhaps because they know what we have to say and what we think.


I did receive the e-mail, but the link didn't work. The first time that I tried, it told me that I wasn't eligible to participate. It now tells me that I've already completed it. The latter may be fixed by cleaning my broswer history/cookies, but I'm not sure about the first.


To be fair, the poll can't really be "a statistically random sampling" if they make an effort to include the more active and vocal members of the community. Since they engaged a third party, I would think they want it as scientific and representative of the entire Woot buying public as possible.
No butthurt on my part.

j5 j5

I received no email. But, I think I haven't bought a shirt, so that makes sense. I've been mostly a home or tech sort of wooter thus far.


I received the email with a link to the survey. Then when I clicked on the link, I got a web page that said I wasn't eligible to participate in the survey. Sure was a big waste of electrons that Woot used to send it to me, especially if I'm not eligible.

I would have hoped to tell Woot to offer T-shirts in sizes bigger than 3X.


No survey for me. I did have to go back and look in my trash, as I got 2 Woot emails today and didn't look at the second one. Oops I'm bad. I just thought they accidentally sent out the daily thingy. It was from Shirt woot. But about the specials.
No soup for me !


@magic cave: Heh! Your suspicions are correct - no email! I'm sure they've already know most of my perspective, though, seeing how I sort of commented about changing even before the change happened.

@thumperchick: Yeah, they totally know what my thoughts are, what with having posts on almost every page in the Anvil mega-thread ... and then some!

@j5: Indeed. No hurt on my part either.

@hackman2007: Thanks for posting what they were asking for. If they were to ask me, these would be my honest answers.

Feel - they start out soft enough, but progressively gets less soft after each wash. IMHO, it's nowhere near the worst, but far from the best, which I have to admit is not AA. They aren't totally "unwearable", but I do second guess whether even a few bucks at a thrift store is worth it for a Woot/Anvil shirt, whereas most AA are instabuys.

(to be continued ...)



Length - Terrible. To shrink 10% after a trip through the dryer is just bad. Essentially, Anvil size ML shirts ends up AA size MS in length, and my basis is with multiple shirts. Heck, even line dried, they shrink.. That's been recently reverified with these new shirts too.
Neck hole - ugh. Anvil ML = AA M3XL. Here's what I've resorted to doing.
Shipping - the only part where I find completely acceptable. Most arrive in 4-7 days, with one arriving in 3. That was remarkable, as even TeeFury (35 miles away) takes 3 days for just the shipping portion. Still a day longer than my record with any shirt site, though; order to mailbox in 2 days from TeeTurtle.


No Amazon i will not help you ruin woot shirt for free. You want my opinion that you won't listen to anyway? give me free shipping on at least one order.


I didn't get the survey email... but I will add my voice to those who are no longer purchasing woot t-shirts because of the change to the Anvil brand. I purchased the "Hell Yeah" shirt on 11/25/12 and I am not happy about how it looks after a few months... one side hangs lower than the other side - all my AA woot shirts are holding up great after years of wear.


Yep, no email here either. Why poll us when can read us for free, right? Which at least presumes they've been keeping track of volume of posting, if not content ; )


If they are asking about shipping, it sounds like they are looking to kill off the free shipping. That or they will raise the price of the shirts to compensate.


No, I did not get a survey but here's my take on things. I do not enjoy the new blanks. The necks roll almost immediately and they shrink the wrong way. I don't mind a shirt getting a little tighter like the old AA ones used to but the way the new blanks shrink lengthwise is pure silliness. I also don't like it when my shirt looks like it's been washed several hundred times when it's only seen one gentle wash in my front loading washer. I'll pay more for a shirt on a good blank. I won't necessarily like it but I'm willing to do it.