questionshow can i order a 4th aoc 22' 1080p led monitor…


You can only get 3, if you want more you have to create another account or use a friend's account to order more.


And the other account has to use a different method of payment (different CC number or paypal account or whatnot).


@baqui63: What if you used a CC on the first account and switched over to using PayPal. Can you use the first CC on the second account or is that card number forever associated to the account? Or do you just need a 2nd paying method at the time?



I haven't tried your suggestion, but I'm thinking it would work. (I still have only one woot account... never wanted more than three of anything that I've seen on woot.)

Also, if you have a credit card that allows "virtual" (or one-time use) numbers (eg. a Citi-something), you could do it. (In fact, this is probably the easiest way to accomplish it.)


I want to buy it too, but I can't get to the site, what is the direct link?