questionswhich commercials are already annoying you?


i'm terrified that Target's "Christmas Champ" will make another appearance this year.


All of the Black Friday commercials that glorify the competitive Black Friday crappola.


The Target commercials have to go!


@wootfast: She's mine! Back off before I punch you in the throat!


Theres lots of commercials with the actress that looks like Elizabeth Shue. My favorite being:

And I drink everytime i see her.


I have a DVR, so I don't watch TV ads unless I want to.


I pretty much stopped watching TV during the election. Stopped answering the phone, too. Have not resumed watching a lot, so no ads are currently annoying me.

Am sitting quietly watching a live broadcast on the web. ...The lighting of the Country Club Plaza lights in Kansas City Nostalgia. Also, it's the most beautiful lighting display I've ever seen. :-D Sheer joy!!

Almost all TV ads suck! :-C


How many people do you know have ever gotten a car for Christmas?


Hard to make a list. I think the Target black Friday one and the two guys singing for the insurance company that is slipping my mind. I try not to listen/watch the awful ones. Best is to use the dvr and zip past them all.


That Kmart song is ok, but the one that gets me right now is the "Prius for everyone" song. It's worse than the political ads.