questionsdear deal staff: regarding wootbot...


I agree. There's a reason why I do not sign up for the RSS feeds for those websites. Posting them on woot doesn't make me want to buy those deals any more than before.

By the way, your tag is perfect as well. The countdown begins till it is removed: 7:29


@theoneill555: The only reason that went popular was since it was mysteriosly banned so when the wootbot one was posted, people were all over it


I do not understand. Do you want @wootbot fired? Because that is what is going to happen!

@wootbot must post, post, post in order to comply with Woot's newest quotas for him.

At least fight for @wootbot to keep his job if they lower the quota. Because he is the breadwinner in our home and I just help out when I can. Think of our bot family!


@abramokids: I know. That is why I said we pushed it to popular. As I am a literal type of person and you stated that you had not seen a single post with more that 5 votes, I wanted to point out that there was at least one popular.

Now that I have taken the time to actually do a search, wootbot did gather a couple of pages of deals with 5 or more votes -

which means that wootbot is offering better items than some pool supply and jewelry posters.

I am just pointing out facts, nothing more.


+1 vote for firing wootbot. The deals are nothing more than clutter.


Terminate with extreme prejudice.


@lavikinga: Brother @snapster assures us that @wootbot will soon deliver us all magic sparkly unicorns with extra rainbow sprinkles:

P.S. Watch your step: I just overheard @wootbot say, "This mission is too important for me to allow you to jeopardize it." Then I couldn't hear the rest clearly, but it sounded something like, "I know that you and Frank were planning to disconnect me, and I'm afraid that's something I cannot allow to happen. "


wootbot won't be fired.
He still has mail duty to fall back on.


Its just a phase he's going through. Every adolescent needs to explore their individuality in manners that make their elders uncomfortable. Wootbot is acting out for attention, and you're giving it to him.

Leave him alone, ignore his outbursts and for goodness sake don't vote for his deals. He'll soon realize that his behavior isn't generating the response he was looking for. As long as he doesn't start to display self-destructive tendencies you need to give him space to grow and learn on his own.


@wilcononomous: Well @wootbot is NOT going back to the mail room! He spent several years there and hated it.

Why can't bots and humans just get along? There are enough deals to post for everyboty.


be careful.... wootbot=skynet. wootbot is becoming aware....


Do we need to get Trump in here to say it?


Is this because he's gay?


@slydon: Wootbot's NOT gay!

I'm telling him. He will deactivate your voting and posting rights also.


Wootbot irritates me. Most of its "deals" aren't really deals at all. Thinkgeek is notoriously overpriced, even on their "sales" - not saying their stuff doesn't rule though.

I'd rather see deals come from people. In fact, I don't really like deals being posted by the web site who made the deal (for example, redtagdotcom posts only deals from - let the users find it, darn it!).