questionsdid you send in your address for the wootizen boc?


You know, I've heard some pretty good things about that @studerc guy. No doubt. You hear that he is super sick outta his mind, but is still pulling this stuff off AND that he graduated from college today?! Impressive to say the least ;)

I do appreciate the well wishes, however. Thank you all for being so supportive, heart-warming to say the least.


@studerc: Congrats on the graduation! My niece also got her college degree today.Now go get better so you can enjoy the achievement.

Answering the question, yup.


I'm in. I'm excited to share my Christmas Crap!


Haven't sent in my address yet, but will do it ASAP. And congrats to @studerc!

Congratulations on graduating!

Thanks for putting this together!

Get well soon!


I'll be sending my address along shortly!

Congratulations @studerc! Quite the achievement!!!

Feel better soon though, those colds can quickly go from bad to worse (at least for me they do), and I'd hate to see that for someone awesome enough to put this all together, while graduating from college and dealing with the holidays!


@studerc: WOW! Congratulations on graduation! :::doing little happy dance:::


Sent my info. in this morning!


Congratulations on the graduation @studerc. Sent in my details, gathering oddities, etc.