questionsso everybody here knows that moosezilla is great…


Silliest question EVER...OF COURSE we all know that.


@morriea: Well, that explains that one downvote, then. Because it's a silly question.


@mossygreen: It really was a silly question :P


@mossygreen: someone DOWNVOTED?! Tough crowd.


@morriea: Some people just can't stand happiness. Personally, I'm a fan. Also, Moosezilla has a good heart, and I like her.


I too received a box of moose crap (thank you @mossygreen for posting this question so I can continue avoiding to post my own questions).

My box of crap:

(3) t-shirts, (3) reusable shopping bags, (2) wine bags (kiva wine tote and one of the ice bag ones), an apron (the black hot pepper thing), a "Prince Charming" picture frame, a magnetic mini-level, tissues and hand sanitizers, an "Old Fart" hat, (2) greeting cards and a bundt cake pan.

My daughter used the bundt pan to bake a chocolate cake tonight.

Thanks, @moosezilla! You are a very cool person and a great wooter.


@morriea: There will always be hecklers. Oddly, some will be silent. But they're still there.


oh... also a little memo book.

My cats really seem to like the reusable shopping bags... they are almost fighting over who gets to sleep on them on the bed.


The moose is loose! And sending out seasonal BOCs...or would those be moose droppings?


I love this place and its great group of people. Way to go @moosezilla! Unexpected kindness and fun -- it doesn't get much better than that.