questionswhat's a good blue-led back-lit keyboard?


@rabid7: So the first and third one i agree look amazing, but 100+ is outta my range, maybe ill wait for them to go one sale... and the second one is ideal for sure... the only problem is the layout, i looked up reviews and a single key size back space and off center space bar and such are thing i will definately get annoyed with. I really wish they made something EXACTLY like the second but with a normal format... but yea ideally i would want the first one, maybe if i can find it in the 60/70 range


@cfalgas: Yup, just put in my order for it. Convenient that it came up today.


@cfalgas: I was going to post the same exact post but you beat me to it by a minute. I thought about it and came back to tell you because I thought you'd like to know about our hivemind.


The one on deals.woot today.


Deck Keyboards are the only ones I know of offhand which are backlit, have N-key rollover/anti-ghosting, and GOOD keyswitches. They use Cherry mechanical switches which kick the snot out of standard membrance keys (in my ever-humble opinion), and Deck offers both tactile and non-tactile. Gamers seem to prefer non-tactile; I personally like soft tactile since not knowing if I accidentally half-pressed a key drives me nuts.

The main downside to Deck is that, last I checked, the circuit board is exposed underneath the keycaps, so keep your sodas and coffee far away. If you don't need backlit, Filco is one decent alternative. Creative Vision and Unicomp are others, which use ALPS and Model M style buckling-spring keys respectively, though I can't recall offhand if they have N-key/anti-ghosting features.


Are there any backlit keyboard that have the number pad on the opposite side? My neice spilt milk on the backlit keyboard i had totally ruining it but haven't bothered to get a new one yet, wanted to see if could get one with the number pad on the opposite side, if not ill figure out what one to get. Thanks for all the great sites.