questionshow many favors makes you a sucker?


With me "the line" is when someone is clearly taking advantage of me and others and it has become a way of life for them. I don't think the number of "favors" one does for any one person is "too many" if that individual is truly deserving and in their own way making every effort to correct whatever problem is requiring a helping hand.


@klozitshoper: couldn't have said it better myself. :)


The people that I know that "deserve" assistance, help, or favors don't actually need it. I've been helped when I didn't deserve it and I've helped others that don't deserve it. It's called grace.


When you stop "feeling good" about helping someone, your favor limit has been reached. It's alot tougher to shut that gravy train off than you think though because that person you have been helping now has a sense of entitlement.

That's when t-shirts like the ones that says simply "NO" can come in real handy!


If you're able to do something they're physically incapable of, then i think you should always be willing to help them out to an extent. But if they're just lazy or unwilling to do it or try doing it for themselves, then screw those guys, i'm goin home.


The line for me is their attitude. If they expect it, it's too many.


Do you have any expectation of ever receiving anything in return for your favor? If not, then one is definitely suckertude.

Note that it need not be material: someone being there to cheer you up when you need it, or just providing a good friendship should be repayment enough. I mean, I'm likely to do things for my friends and not consider them as owing me anything, as a favor implies.