questionswhat do you get your grandfather for father's day?


If the two of you are close, get him something personal. When my grandfather was still alive, he loved coffee, so my mom got him a coffee cup with my picture printed on it. He loved that thing and used it every day until he passed. If his health issues aren't too serious, maybe get him an old fixer-upper Chevy for him to work on, to give him something to do. It doesn't have to be in even decent shape, and he'll have a project to keep him busy that you two could possibly work on from time to time when you see him.


I don't have any living grandfathers left :(

But a good gift might be some wartime memorabilia (movies, stuff to put on his wall, books) as long as it doesn't bring back negative memories, possibly some historic car/mechanic memorabilia to put on his wall. Seems like for a milestone birthday it would be great to give him something that has a lot of history and would bring back some old memories.

Or you could get all your family and his friends to write a memory on a piece of paper and make him a memory jar or memory book so he could pull out positive thoughts and memories (I love this idea, but it may not be practical for you). You could make a photo book with some old photos of him, his kids, grandkids, etc. with the quotes mixed with the photos.

Gift cards are kinda lame as the only gift, if you use that as your fall back then I would at least give him a book or something materialistic that he can look at and think of you.


Put the Burger King gift card inside a Ford Mustang coffee table book.


I always got mine a card, and took him out to eat or cooked for him.

Mine was also a WWII vet. And, being in the war meant a lot to him. My guess is your grandfather is similar. Does he have any medals? Or, small war momentos? Possibly some photos (his service photo, and maybe any taken with buddies during the war)? Take some things, and get them framed, together. Something that he can hang on the wall and display them. I did that with my grandfather's things, as well as his discharge papers. He seemed to appreciate it.


A good flashlight or lantern.


Good quality booze! And be sure to share a drink with him. Unfortunately for me, both my grandfathers died before I was old enough to sit down and have a glass of scotch with them. I would have enjoyed that immensely.


I'd go with the Crown card. It's something you know he will use and enjoy.


My dad will be 90 soon. He spends a lot of his spare time researching both his and my families and the history of the areas where they grew up. I know he loves old photos or memorabilia from the little town where he grew up, and your grandfather might, too. (Ebay is a good source for photos, postcards, etc.) You could add the BK card, if you think your present needs a bit more padding.


@90mcg112: good idea!! even more unfortunately for me, no one in my family drinks. It's so awkward for me and I hate that I'll never get to share a drink with my dad/grandfather.