questionswould you donate bone marrow?


I am impressed by your dedication and envious that you have been given the opportunity to save another life.
I have been in the registry since 1995 and have yet to be called.

My prayers are with you and your recipient.

You asked ... "would you donate knowing that you will hurt for a week". Of course, I've never had that opportunity, but I look at it as "would you donate knowing that you can save another person and give this amazing gift to the recipient and his/her family".


I would. A week of pain is nothing compared to the potential benefit to the recipient.


Yes. It hurts, but you are giving somebody a shot at a cure. Just remember:

1) Pain is temporary
2) Chicks dig scars
3) Chicks also dig guys that act caring.

This scores on all three accounts. Play your cards right and this will get you some free drinks the following weekend. At least. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, knowwhatimean, knowwhatimean, SAY NO MORE!!


They contacted me somewhat recently saying I was a match and they'd schedule further tests within the next few weeks, but the time passed without any further info. I'm sad because I hope nothing bad happened to the person who needed it :(

I'm happy to continue to stay on the registry. Pain's not a big issue- if I were in the position of needing bone marrow- I would hope my match would be ok with the short term ouch for my long term benefit.


I definitely would. I've been on the bone marrow registry for a number of years but have not been called upon to donate.
I can deal with temporary pain, especially if it means giving someone else the chance at a longer life. I actually think it might be easier (mentally) the second time as you already know what to expect. But maybe that's just because, for me, the unknown is a lot scarier than just about anything else.


In a heartbeat if I was physically able. (I'm currently too fat, but working on it.) You're doing a great deed and I hope that awesome feeling you get when you give of yourself can help offset the pain.


So in 2009 I donated Periphery Blood Stem Cells, and they want me to donate the same way again.

You do this through a centrifugal type machine (think plasma donation), but instead of being hooked up for 30mins you are hooked up for 6-8 hours.

To prepare for this you get filgrastim injections for 5 days. Filgrastim makes your marrow rapidly reproduce which pushes it out of your bones into your bloodstream. This feels interesting.. you can feel your skeleton throbbing in time with your heartbeat (it wakes you up at night).

So I am still going to do it, but it is not a pleasant procedure.


Yes, hesitantly, but yes. I signed up a couple years ago as a donor, and would definitely do it. And the thing is, the marrow transplants are usually a cure, and the recipient can live a normal life.


nope. But I would sell it. Think about it... Everyone involved in the organ/tissue donation process at both ends gets paid. The doctors, nurses, lab techs, the people who work mat the insurance companies, couriers, the hospital. Arguably the single most important person in the process should get a fee as well. If people knew that their families would get a payment for their organs after their death, a lot more people would sign up as organ donors. Same goes for bone marrow, if people knew there was a few grand AND the knowledge you helped save a life, the bone marrow registries would be flooded with people willing to donate. Considering the enormous cost of any transplant procedure, adding a few thousand more to the total bill would be insignificant.


Yes, I would be happy to donate again. I donated bone marrow about 8 years ago to a 10 year old boy. He gained about 6 more months of life, but, unfortunately, his cancer came back and he eventually passed away.
There was another person who was also a match for this boy, but they didn't end up donating (perhaps they were sick themselves?). They had to drill 5 holes in my hip bones, not just 2 holes, as I didn't have the T-cell count they were initially looking for! I was in bed for more than 2 weeks in great pain. However, I've never had children of my own, so that experience was the only opportunity I had to try and give life. Lying in bed for a few weeks was a small price to pay -- and really taught me how to live one moment at a time. I was not required to take any type of injections in preparation for the donation and was not paid for the donation. The boy's insurance paid for my 1 night hospital stay, but I received no money at all - and wouldn't have accepted any if offered.


To be honest I probably wouldn't unless it was family that was receiving it. I know this is a selfish stance, but if it was something I would be willing to do I would have already done it (I've given blood, plasma and signed up to be an organ donor).


I'm signed up on the registry and would be happy to help.


Yes, I would. I already donate blood (plasma, etc really) on a monthly basis. I know the pain isn't the same.


@wilfbrim: so I just need to act caring? Awesome. Feigned interest FTW!


I'm horribly phobic of needles (even reading this makes me twitchy), and so I don't even get blood tests unless I'm in mortal danger. I'm so glad there are people out there like you doing this. I have to help people in other ways.

Question: I understand that there are new harvesting procedures that are more like donating platelets than having surgery. Is that what you got, or did you get the old procedure? I'd be surprised if the new one would hurt for that long.


You appear to be one of the few who didn't get downvoted for asking two questions back-to back. :)


I would but I can't. Can't even donate blood here because of the stupid mad cow thing.


@swaan: I got the new procedure where it is like donating plasma. You get hooked up to the same type of machine.

The injections you take for 5 days before donating don't bother most people... I am not one of those people. The actual donation process was not bad at all.