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I was typing out this question. Good thing yours showed up in the deja vu. So yeah... what??


I'm glad to hear I'm not hallucinating. I was beginning to think that two Tylenol washed down with Lemon Crystal Light were giving me a strange trip.


Along the same line, why is spunkyjt number 6 on the Top Questioners board? I brought this up on another question - at that time s/he had not asked a question in a year. Then (gasp) suddenly asked a question. Still, no matter how you play it...this person should not be the 6th top questioner.

Another spurious one is kidincredible who's weighing in at number 11. Really?? This one hasn't asked a question in 2 years.

Think something's amiss?


I think that all the statistics are terribly broken. They were always skewed a bit, but it's become much worse since the site activity has fallen so steeply.

There needs to be a return to a minimum number of posted deals/questions asked before you can show up in the statistics at all, and that should probably be at least 10. It also ought to have a window of activity such that if you've posted nine deals two years ago, and one today, it'll only count as one. I'd suggest a good activity window would be 90 days, both for deals posted, and questions asked. The same thing needs to be true for voting. If you pick 4 things likely to get lots of votes, and then wait until late in the day, and vote for another thing (anything will do), you'll be the top voter.

People voting on lots of things without attempting to skew the statistics will show up in the early hours, and then fall off, later.

There's more, but I'm off to do other things for a while...


I lied. I can't quit typing yet.

One of the problems is that overall activity figures into things too heavily. If you've only asked a couple of questions, and one of them gets voted up, it'll stay high on the list. If you ask a ton of questions, then they'll average out to lower. In addition, since your activity is measured against other activity, the lower participation gives greater weight to those who were active when there were more people around.

The reputation thing used to be immediately responsive to changes, but we were playing so much with it that I think they added in some delays (i.e. it takes a couple of days or so to reflect things).

I used to pay more attention to all this, a while ago...

{Here's hoping this all doesn't get deleted/edited before morning.}


@magic cave: Specifically, I think that the account in question had deals that were voted up (partially by sock puppets) and then were deleted. There really needs to be a built in negation that reflects when deals are deleted, but for right now, it seems not to be built in as part of the statistics.

Okay, now I really am disappearing for the evening.


@shrdlu: That was my assumption, as well, but I'm brain-fuzzy.



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I'll have some of what she's having.


@barnabee: :::laughing out loud::: and wobbling off to bed.


I have been here since 2005 and my 'quality post' count is 4. Really? I answer tons of questions and offer a lot of info & opinions, and have had numerous responses get many votes. Still 4 'quality posts'. I don't even pay attention to this nonsense anymore. The worst thing about Woot is that they don't really seem to listen to or care what their own users think. Woot is not what it was long ago, and neither is my interest in it.


@zippy the pinhead: My understanding is that there are no QPs here on DW....they come from the "main" sites. As for the OP, I noticed yesterday (or the day before) that barkwoot had the top rep on the leaderboard with no activity in the last two days and not much before then either.


@zippy the pinhead: Quality post do not come from deals.woot they come from the main woot sites. if the mods deem your statement useful or humorous and you haven't pissed them off for a while then they put a link to it and it shows up on the front page of the item. you are then rewarded one QP, like gold stars, but for outcasts.


I've never said anything, anywhere, of any quality and I'm proud of it.


@magic cave: Hope you feel better this morning. Hopefully, it's just the weather front coming through. The Lord & Master and I both woke up with clogged, achy heads.
[I thought of you when I dug out the turkey timer this morning. I'm doing the cooking for the Miami Family Invasion starting tomorrow & lasting until Sunday.
So many people in such a tiny house (although smart me has booked them all into suites at the BW just down from NAS. Free breakfast. I need my alone time with my coffee in the morning.) Old people, walkers, dogs, cats, English as a second language, and LOUD. Oy, the noise, noise, NOISE!]

@zippy the pinhead: The only time I seem to get a QP is because I've made a smart-assed comment. Talk about rewarding bad behavior. Gotta love those Mods & their sense of humor.