questionswhat is the best coupon website?


Oh. My God. Do you not have a job? Are you out of school for the summer, and really bored? You are making my brain explode. Jeeze, louise, find something else to do for a while.

Yes, yes, whoever's out there watching for cranky, mine just got turned up on high, and I know you're going to delete this. Don't care. I meant every mean little word of it. Every. Single. Word.


@shrdlu: Don't worry! I just took one word out...;)

@jmdeal: retailmenot(dot)com


@shrdlu: You know you don't have to answer my questions right? Your the one that clicks on them and then takes the time to think and answer jokes on you.


@loosecannon67: Thank you for a answer that applies to the question, at least someone knows how woot questions work :)


@jmdeal: You're welcome and we Do know how they work - Just remember, "quality is much better than quantity" and let us know if you find any other top notch coupon sites!


Careful about this one lest that girl you mentioned earlier (1) thinks you're crazy. That tends to be a turn-off.



There are several places on there where the publishers have done all of the work of finding deals for you.

It all seems a little boring to me. I'm falling asleep just writi...


vote-for11vote-against has a complete list of internet printable coupons as found and posted by their members.

also a list of unexpired newspaper coupons, which insert they came from, and which date they were issued, along with expiration date.

vote-for4vote-against It has a coupon database where you key in the product you're looking for and it will show you which Sunday insert contains the coupon for that product. You might want to check out the drugstore deals and grocery store deals by state too.


@shrdlu: I don't understand the motivation behind your post. It's almost like highfalutin trolling.


@gchinkin: Had more to do with the suicide of a friend a few days ago (and I'd just found out about it), and the total exhaustion from silly and pointless questions than anything. The OP has asked more inane questions than I could take, and he was just lucky enough to walk in front of the buzz saw. not that I regret saying it, mind you. I might have worded it better, but really, enough's enough.

I feel gut shot, and it'll take a few days before I have any politeness back.

vote-for1vote-against and
The codes on these sites work almost every time and they are often good discounts.
I am an online coupon junky from way back.... the first site I used to frequent was (Not too sure if it is even still in existent). That was around 10 years ago.
Just like anything on the www there are a plethora of crap sites out there...