questionshow can i unclog my garbage disposal pipe?


Under your sink, you'll find the U-trap. this should be screwed into the bottom/side of the disposal. there should be another screw joint at the top of the Upipe that you can also unscrew. Put a bucket under the U-pipe, unscrew the 2 lockrings, pull it off, clean the apple chunks out of the U-pipe, scoop out anything from the top of the downpipe as well, and you should be good.


@waltertangofoxtrot: Well, it's actually called a P-trap, but no need to be technical. Hopefully, that is indeed the case.

A quick search yielded this how-to video ...

(I'm not saying it's the best video available, but it's a good start if you've never done one before).


@narfcake: P trap is in a toilet. :-D

U-trap is what I always called it, and what it looks like, although I suppose if you rotate it 90 degrees it does look like a "P"


A plumber friend told me years ago to just use a sh*t ton of bleach. I've had 100% success using the bleach when my disposal backs up. Try and get as much water out of the sink as possible. Pour in bleach, let sit for an hour. I flip on the switch (don't turn on the faucet/add any water) every 15 minutes or so after that to see if the clog has dissolved. I would say I use 1/3 of a bottle of bleach. Cost is probably about $0.75.


It would be very simple if your pipe was connected to a gas line. You just pour kerosene over a ferret, light it on both ends, and put it in. They are attracted to gas lines.


I've had this problem before and fixed it with 2 plungers simultaneously. I assume you have 2 basins in your kitchen sink, each with a drain. They are probably connected with a pipe from the garbage disposal output. get a good seal on the non-disposal drain with one plunger and plunge the heck out of the disposal drain. It helps to have some water in each basin. It has worked every time for me.


Definetly disconnect the 'p' trap and clear any debris from it. You can also purchase a snake from the hard ware store that can be inserted into the drain line (going into the wall) this will also help to move things along.
Whatever you do, don't call a plumber. They will convince you that you need to power snake your entire sanitary line and try and charge you an arm and a leg...
I would;
1. disconnect and clean out 'p' trap
2. snake the sanitary line
3. reconnect and treat with a drain cleaner to clear any other obstructions further down the line. I would wait to do this after the drain is free flowing again. 'Home D' sells a heavy duty one that works like a champ. I don't recall the name but it is packaged in a plastic bottle inside of a clear heavy duty zip-top bag. That's the only way I can describe it. This stuff works and is VERY effective on hair clogs in the tub/shower.


Using a plunger works but is very, very difficult. What I usually do is just try to wait. I run hot water through every hour or so. Once in a while I run the disposer with cold water for a couple of minutes. Eventually fruit/vegetable matter will start to break down and get squishy (rotten) so it will go down by itself. It just takes a while. Grease is another story. Avoid putting too much oil down the drain.

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@mkentosh: Care to substantiate why? I mean, personally, I feel like Draino is completely useless but any reason other than that?


@waltertangofoxtrot: A P trap goes through the wall and an S trap goes through the floor. Trust me on this...I have worked at a hardware store for 30 years.


@fraxcat: Actually, I've heard that Drano and similar products are good for pipes and showers and stuff, but for a garbage disposal, it can corrode the electrical and any plastic parts. Not to mention that if it's still stuck, and you run the disposal, all that corrosive stuff will come flying out of the sink at you when you turn it on (probably same with bleach). So, that is one technique I know not to try! Still working on this, thanks everyone for your suggestions!


@turtlegir1: Most chemicals like Drain-o are not good for a disposal. Liquid Plumber Foaming Pipe Snake, on the other hand, says on the bottle that it is safe for disposals.


Is this how most people do waste diposal in Chicago?