questionschallenge: find low price red brick pavers for a…


this is who i go thour

there has to be someplace around you that sells to the contractors at a warehouse price.
keep looking and good luck :)

vote-for4vote-against maybe someone is ripping up their old patio and you can have the brinks. Or post under wanted...


I don't know about Phoenix, but in Ohio, we have lots of old schools coming down and brick roads coming up. It's not uncommon for local municipalities or local contracting companies to stack up bricks from the sites they are working on near the road to give away for free. I'm not saying you should run up to random sites and take things, but if you see a site, just stop and ask. Or keep your eye on the classifieds? Maybe they post info about the stuff there? (I've read stories, too, in local newspapers talking about construction that will note, "Residents may pick up _ at on _." [It saves them money not having to haul away scrap."])