questionshave you ever had a neighbor who has an obnoxious…


I feel for you, we had a neighbor who's parents bought the house for him, so he did not work and 4-6 times a week was a 'party night'. They would burn treated lumber in an outdoor pit and thump music till 2-3 am. Do not forget the 2am goodbye peel out.
To answer your question no, not yet.


I have a few that lock their car about 10 times (horn honks each time), I mean I have a minor level of OCD but hearing a chevy truck honk that many times makes me twitch in anger.....


I am guilty of checking twice sometimes... my mind is all over the place usually so I forget the little things.

Like I might lock the front door and go to bed, and sit there think about my day and then wonder if I locked it. After about 10-15 minutes of thinking about I begin to doubt myself and have to get out of bed and proceed to check the front door.

I do this with a lot of things, and 8/10 times I did it the first time.

So I do make sure I lock the car and wait so I can hear the car beep twice.


Hmm...I wonder if I'm your neighbor.

My alarm has 3 beeps, but I use the silencer button when I unlock it.


No annoying car noise, but annoying dogs. I call them the yappy-f*ck twins.


Actually, no. We bought a corner lot and the one next to it, and it is a really peaceful neighborhood here anyway.


Guilty here. Not by choice though.
Had a rental for the past month. No matter what I did, unlock or locking, the damn thing beeped with any single action.
I felt miserable using it, because I leave for work at 4 in the morning. I hated it so freaking much!


Whoop-Whoop. I hear that almost all the time around noon. You know who you are!!


Ha! That would be my wife's car. The dogs love it though - "Mom's Home!"