questionsare sog multitools better than leathermans?


I've used both, and currently I carry couple of different Leathermans. They are both good, but I guess I prefer Leatherman. The deal Woot had recently was good and sold out quickly (I bought 3, but haven't received yet).


I've owned many multitools (I still have quite a few). SOG is decent, but Leatherman is superior. I believe one of the distinctions is price, and that may or may not be important to you. The specialized versions from Leatherman have things like wire strippers (important if you're building cables and need to crimp ends to make network cables, or to rebuild a power line). I even have a very tiny and yet serviceable one called a "squirt" which has a very useful set of tools including one each of phillips and regular screwdrivers.

Tools. Are there ever enough of them?


What about Gerbers? I've had both Gerbers and Leathermans, but it's been a while since the Leatherman. I really like the Gerber multi-tools, plus they have a very good warranty, just in case you happen to break one.


@gewoodworth: I'd put Gerber tools somewhere between SOG and Leatherman. I also love the Swiss (Victronix) knives with the million and one combinations of amazing tools that I didn't know I'd want until I had them. There is just nothing like being able strip cables and recrimp when it's the middle of the night, and you're the only help you've got for the network. Yes, I do have a knife with the right components to strip cable. I've used cardboard + hammer to do the crimping.

Jack of all Trades, that's me. :-D


Depends on what you need. If you need a lightweight tool and strength is secondary then another tool may suit you better as the SOG tools are both heavier and stronger than their competitors. Likewise if one brand of multitool has the tools and features you need then it has an advantage over others that don't, regardless of brand.

Personally, I prefer my SOG over my Gerber or my Leatherman because it does what I need, I don't mind the weight and it's the toughest of the bunch.


I own a Gerber, a Leatherman and a Bear Grylls multitool (also by Gerber). My favorite and daily carry is the Bear Grylls due to the great design. The blades & other tools are accessible without opening the pliers. The pliers are spring-loaded and that is much better for single-handed use. It is also the most comfortable of the bunch to hold & use due to the curve of the design.
Leatherman has excellent cust.serv. and replaced my wife's knife when it became 'sticky' and hard to open. My other Gerber has a button pinch slide to release the pliers, which requires both hands. I keep the Leatherman (which also came w/an adapter & bit driver set) in my touring kayak emergency kit, and the other Gerber floats around as needed.