questionscan you help me find a good deal on an eraser?


@nmchapma: Great find! Hope you aren't upset with me, but it looks like a might have taken your secret admirer away from you.


@nmchapma: Which question got deleted? Perhaps you can rephrase it and just give me two or three words of clue?


I thought those were draft rules and they were seeking feedback. But I guess that've been implemented already?


@magic cave: I asked for a deals related song to whistle while I was searching for deals on I got what I needed but I was hoping the question would stay up to help others with similar issues.

the tags were: will-sing-for-deals, if-you-give-a-mouse-a-deal, give-a-man-deal


@moondrake: notice it was just my "deals"related question thats missing.

I might be the @ohcheri of AtC, probably not as #sexy though ;-)